Bane in TDKR

Bane and how TDKR could have been better.

The Dark Knignt rises featured Bane. Bane in this movie Personality wise was spot on. He was meanacing, intelligent and a phisical beast. So i think his personality from panel to screen transfered over well. We got the prison break from knight fall, the sealed off gotham from no mans land, and got to see him break Batman's back. Pretty freakin sweet. His look

didnt really bother me all that much. I would say i really didnt care that much because this.

would look very out of place in the Nolan Batman universe. I know a lot of people who wished he was the giant monster man like in the comics but it just wouldn't work in Nolan's real world. So this lean fast bane in TDKR was okay with me even if he was at little short, he look way bigger than batman on screen. Escpecially at the end.

Now my problems with this movie was that it takes place 8 years after the Dark Knight. I know Nolan was trying to finish his trilogy but i felt it should have been like 6 months to a year. I cant accept that a 30 something, Bruce Wayne would just drop his crusade that he spent his entire twenties preparing. That was my biggest gripe with this film. Even two or three years would've been okay. but almost an entire decade. That was really out of character for Batman.

Anne Hathaway as Cat woman was great and was glad that they pulled it off with out being cheesy.

John blake was cool but wished that while batman was in the prison he would've found the batcave and fought bane as a sort of psuedo nightwing. The whole "Robin" line was cool but a face palm at the time

But why'd they have to kill bane. That was so lame. Then you find out he was a lapdog for Talia. I wouldve perfered a resurected Ras from the lazurus pit that wanted to use Bane as his succesor instead of Bruce. But that's just me.
All in all it was a great movie with only minor problems. Just wished we could've seen more of this universe. Think these films and the Sam Rami Spiderman trilogy are the best super hero trilogies. What did you guys and gals think about the TDKR and Banes look.
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