Bane's Strength In The Dark Knight Rises

Bane's Strength In The Dark Knight Rises

Did The Dark Knight Rises have a very strong Bane? Click the jump to see just how strong he seemed to be via three instances in the film that showed his strength...

Hello CBM users, Hybrid here looking at Bane's strength in The Dark Knight Rises as many viewers have wondered if Bane was truly a formidable physical force in The Dark knight Rises. To do this, I will examine three instances in The Dark Knight Rises that caught my attention in regards to showing Bane's strength (they are not chronologically ordered).

1) Bane Breaks The Pillar/Column In The Second Bane vs Batman Fight Scene:

Near the end of the film, Batman disconnected the tubes on Bane's mask which fed him the painkillers. When this happened Bane started going into a fierce punching spree, in the process breaking a chunk off of a column/pillar without injury. After some research I came to the conclusion that it was most likely constructed of concrete instead of limestone or marble. A tool usually used to break concrete is a jack hammer, which on average generates at least 1,000 lbs of force per square inch while basic concrete has the durability to take around 3,000 lbs of force per square inch before breaking. After doing some math and more research....the average male adult hand is 4.3405483333333 square inches which means if it were a jack hammer tip it could generate about 4340.54833333 lbs of force, easily enough to break basic concrete. That means that Bane has the ability to punch with the force of a jack hammer, impressive.

2) Bane Breaks Batman's Mask/Helmet:

During the first fight scene between Bane and Batman Batman got horribly beaten, one thing that happened though that interested me was Bane (seemingly without trouble) breaking Batman's mask/helmet. The material used for the mask/helmet is said to be like a premium motorcycle helmet, which would be plastic with most likely a kevlar reinforcement. so to break one of those he would most likely have to at least generate 290-300 Gs of force, for modern reinforced helmets. I would say that makes Bane a very strong individual.

3) Bane Lifts Over His Head Batman In Full Gear:

After Bane wrecks Batman in their first fight, Bane puts the icing on the cake, (at least for the comic fans), which was him breaking Batman's back, seemingly with little effort. To do this though, Bane first fully lift Batman up from the ground to above his head. For Bane to do this, he would have to be able to lift 210 lbs (Bale's weight for the film) plus about 40-60 lbs due to the suit and gear Batman is wearing/carrying. That means Bane could almost effortlessly lift 250-270 lbs from the ground to above his head with his arms fully extended, with little effort.

Overall, this shows Bane is a truly strong foe in The Dark Knight Rises and hopefully this can put to rest people doubting Bane's strength in the film.

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