BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT's New Release Date Revealed?

BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT's New Release Date Revealed?

After witnessing the acclaimed gameplay footage at E3, many fans have wondered when they could finally get there hands on the recently delayed Batman: Arkham Knight. Well, the voice of the titular character himself has revealed that we may not have to wait as long as many originally assumed. Check it out!

During a recent interview with Groovey.TV, Kevin Conroy, who many consider to be the definitive voice of Batman, gushed over the upcoming Arkham Knight. But in the midst of the interview, he (possibly) let slip the new release date of the game. According to Conroy, the game is due out in January, 2015. In the interview, Conroy said, "It was suppose to come out in january, we've been working on it for a year and a half, and it's still not done. So it's going to come out next january. But I know everyone is frustrated, the reason why it's been delayed is because it's so awesome." Conroy went on to say, "Well this new one is going to be, it's just going to rock your world. It's massive, it's exciting, you literally fly with Batman through Gotham. I mean it's, it's really sweet. And you drive the batmobile. I mean you do all this stuff in this game!".

(Arkham Knight is talked about at 5:02)

Shout out to BatfleckReturns for showing the video again!

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