Batman: Future of the Caped Crusader

Batman: Future of the Caped Crusader

Batman 4? Unlikely. Reboot? Seriously? Come on!

-Batman Begins (2005)
*Big Success.
*It showed that Batman is not another Superhero.

-The Dark Knight (2008)
*Showed us how scary Joker can really be, how great a Superhero movie can turn out, and how nothing can stop the "Invincible" Chrisopher Nolan.

-The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
*No Joker. Sad and Unpredictable.
*No Two-Face. Understandable.
*No Riddler. Aww man. But necessary.
*No Crappy Villains/Actors. Awesome
*No apparent reason why we should doubt the success of this movie. Right? Right?

Seriously? This is CHRISTOPHER NOLAN!!!!
The guy made
*Memento. Great film. Made you think.
*Batman Begins. Crowd (and Fan) pleaser.
*Prestige. Proved that he's not just talented at making Superhero films.
*The Dark Knight. "Blockbuster Man."
*Inception. "Mr. Unstoppable."

So, if he's already made all these fantastic films and has never given us a reason to doubt him, why should we now? Why should we be nervous? And why should we reconsider a REBOOT?

Okay, sure Sam Raimi didn't do so well with Spider-man 3, but so what? Christopher is not Raimi!

Let's say that The Dark Knight Rises does well. Sure it doesn't break The Dark Knight's Box Office records but it pleased everyone. Why should we assume that there should be a reboot automatically following the end of Nolan's Batman franchise.

I know where you guys are coming from. We are all fanboys here. We think it's fun to speculate "What if?" But this is the real world. If the entire
"Movie-going audience were to hear that there is a new reboot that does not follow Nolan's original trilogy, how do you think that would play out?

Seriously, I know a whole bunch of people (Not Comic Book Geeks/Nerds) who LOVE the Nolan Batman films and I've asked them countless times if the series could ever be Rebooted. They've all told me the same thing: "From what I've seen on The Dark Knight, NO WAY!"

Do you seriously think Warner Bros. would actually approve of a Reboot? Do you think they would just happily give the rights to another Director to make another Batman trilogy just like that? Based on what Nolan has given them, I they will play it safe and say "No."

I do think they would approve of using Batman in other films like Justice League films(If they ever do come out). They'll have the Justice League director find a good actor to play Batman and (If he's good enought) Warner Bros. will use him in the next JL movies that come in the following years and then move on from there.

They could use him for a Batman TV series or perhaps use him as Old Bruce Wayne in a Batman Beyond movie. Why not? It's possible. Ever seen the Curious Case of Benjamin Button?

My point? For those who don't have as much faith in Nolan and think a Reboot is eventually necessary need not to worry. You're in good hands. Don't believe me? Watch his films.

"Come on, let's have a little optimism."
-Han Solo (Star Wars VI Return of the Jedi)

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