Batman is not an Anti-hero

Batman is not an Anti-hero

Batman is not a Dark Hero not an anti-hero. There is a differance.

Batman is not an Anti-hero

Ok so I love Batman. He is 2 of my 2 top Superheroes.
Some people have expressed their desire to see a darker and edgier Batman. They want to see R rated Batman films and what not. I honestly do not understand why they want to see this.

Look if you want a hero that gleefully kills with a big grin on his face read The Punisher or Wolverine or Frank Miller's horrible take on Batman, but the traditional Batman that I know and love is not a killer.Batman is not an anti-hero he is a dark hero. I tend to prefer the amiable, good natured and selfless nature of a hero with a strong Moral code of conduct, but thats just me.

I love Batman and I'll tell you why. Some want to see a much darker and Frank Miller inspired Batman, who kills and has a much looser moral code of conduct.I disagree. I'm an idealist. I tend to look up to Superheroes who have a strong moral code of conduct, selfless and Heroic.

Batman has always walked a thin line between between Hero and Anti- Hero, but that's what I love about him. As dark and brooding as he is he never lost that idealism and heroic nature about him.

If there ever was an R Rated Batman film I don't think I would like it too much. He would simply become this ultra violent Anti-hero and I don't want that. I don't want Frank Miller's Batman.Yea thats right I HATE!!! Frank Miller's take on Batman. Too dark and violent. I think Frank Miller is way overrated. To me Batman is the best of both worlds. He is a Dark Hero not an anti-hero.

Has anyone actually read the abomination that is All Star Batman? If he goes too far in one direction then hes no good. He can never get too idealistic or boy scoutish cause he would loose his dark and interesting identity, but if he goes too dark or brooding he becomes an anti-hero and I don't want that either.

I think the best example of a perfect balance of Batman's character is Bruce Timm's Batman. I also love the way Jeph Loeb writes him, he keeps that balance as does Geoff Johns, Ed Benes, Paul Dini and Dwayne Mc Duffie.

Batman's never given in to his demons, sure he walks a fine line and often times nearly falls in, but he never actually does and I like to think that it's the people around him that help him. Alfred, James Gordon, Robin, Batgirl, Superman. All these people have had a major influence on him.

So yea I do not want to see a Batman that is mean and sadistic and kills with glee. Can you really call a Batman like that a hero? Only if you kid yourself. A killing Batman, No I would not like that. Not at all.

I'll never forget that scene in Batman Hush when he thought Joker shot his friend Thomas Elliot. I mean this was drama folks and I loved every single minute of it. He was ready to kill Joker. All these past memories came back as he beat Joker to a Bloody pulp. How Joker killed of Jason Todd, How Joker killed Gordon's wife, How Joker shot Barbara and paralyzed her.
Batman was prepared to murder the Joker, but then guess who stopped him. Gordon. It was very dramatic and I loved it . It's this drama that makes Batman so great.

Gordon said to Bats: " You have to think about what you are doing. Who and what made you who you are. Your role model. The beliefs they instilled in you. And think of how the Joker could NEVER understand that. It's what makes him who HE is. THINK. I may no longer carry a badge, but I still believe in the policeman's oath To protect and
serve. All I can do is appeal to you through our friendship.

I would not let you do this when he shot my daughter...killed my wife. I don't know how I could stop you, but I wont let you throw your life away."

"You and I have seen more than our fair share of tragedies and thirsted for revenge. If Batman wanted to be a killer, he could have started long ago. But it's a line. On one side we believe in the law. On the other....Sometimes the law fails us. Maybe thats why I've understood you... allowed you to help protect this city. Batman
if you cross that line-- If you kill the Joker tonight--I will lead the hunt to bring you to justice. In the eyes of the law. In my eyes you'll be no different from him."

Batman says: "How many more lives are we going to let him ruin?"

Gordon responds: "I don't care I wont let him ruin yours"

Batman: It was from an alley like this one that a man with a gun emerged from the darkness and murdered my mother and father. In that single moment my childhood ended. I made a promise on the grave of my parents that I would rid this city of the evil that took their lives. Tonight... I nearly became a part of that evil."

This is heavy drama folks, but it was great. This is what makes Batman so great, that fine line he walks. I never, NEVER want to see him cross that line.
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