Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman speculation based on the trailers and released official photos and statements. Could this movie be even better than we hope?

Hey you guys,
I decided to write a fully DC focused article. (It seems that if i bring up anything Marvel related the comment section explodes)
So here it goes. Batman v Superman, what to expect based on the trailers and what we know from trusted sources.
First off, i think the movie will start with where Man of Steel ended, but from the view of Bruce Wayne - it only makes sense. We see Bruce Wayne in Metropolis, nearing Wayne Financial when the showdown between Zod and Clark results in the destruction of the building.

He saves a few people (a little girl most likely as shown in the trailer), now there might be a lot more going on, but i believe that the scene will focus on the hopelessness of the situation and how Bruce's hands are tied for the first time.
Once this is over we get Bruce Wayne in Gotham going back to the batcave and considering his next steps, in the trailers we get a glimpse of the cave, the Robin suit and some dialogue exchange between him and Alfred. We also see him potentially getting back in shape. All part of his desire to be at his best once he figures out how to handle this unknown alien.

Now this might lead to the so called nightmare scene, where what i personally believe we will get is a possible future where Superman is a dictator much like in the Injustice Gods among us storyline.

We see Batman trying to infiltrate his HQ, he fights his servants with the military suits with the S on their arms. In trailer 2 we saw a glimpse of flying creatures. That could either be some sort of a tease towards Darkseid or as teased many months ago Droids controlled by Batman (i mention that because so far all the other bits came to be true from that scoop). Now what the tricky part is that in trailer one we saw one of them shooting towards an enemy which is clearly not Batman as we later see him on the ground resisting them. Now one of my theories is that they might be hiding a cameo as we know that eventually in the dream he is caught and unmasked.

This can be used as tease for Justice League in a way that will not take anything from this story if done right.
In the meantime Superman is Metropolis and is doing his Savior routine around the world ( i assume based on the Russian Rocket exploding and the people wearing traditional make up for the day of the dead in what i presume is Mexico).

Lex in one way or another is the trigger to the events that lead to Superman being called upon from the government, and senator Finch is the tool that allows Lex to gain access to Zod's body and pretend that is going to be used in a way to create an anti-Superman weapon. At the event we might get some sort of incident as we get a glimpse of Lois and a protestor behind her ducking and looking at the sky. Honestly no idea what is the cause of that.
Now i might be wrong here, he might already have it and just use the senator to rally the government and the public opinion against Superman. 

Superman's alter ego in interested in Batman, we know that from the comic-con trailer, as he argues with Perry White on the subject, we will probably be seeing the part where Batman is shown capturing the thug and leaving his mark. That could be potentially the reason why Superman goes to Gotham to hunt him, confront him. However there might be something going on in the meantime in Metropolis as we see White being very dismissive of the idea of a Batman story.

I believe based on trailers released that they encounter each other twice. First encounter is when Superman rips the Batmobile's doors wide open. This leads me to believe that encounter number one will end badly for the Bat. Not sure how he walks away, but in all options it will not end well for him. I believe it's after that encounter that Bruce goes to Metropolis to attend the Lex gathering and meets Clark so we can get the clever exchange of words between them.

Bruce is there to gather information (possibly steal some kryptonite), Diana is there to do her own little digging which would possibly lead to saving their asses at some point. I believe Clark may or may not know who Bruce is, but he will start putting the pieces together from that point on.

Now we get a glimpse of a funeral scene, and we saw his parents get killed as well. I am leaning more on the fact that this is a flashback scene of their funeral and not the death of Robin but again i could be wrong. Reason is that i personally would not put Robin there to much with all those stories happening already.

The party is probably when the kryptonite is stolen and we see bullets on the ground from the security trying to stop the Bat. Could Barry Allen be introduced here as a CSI only? Maybe, probably not.
Now here is where the confusing part is, Batman definitely meets Superman with his regular suit and once with the armor, but the trailer shows him shooting at Supes with the Batwing as well.

So how many times do they meet, i believe twice, but editing is playing games with us. The Batwing seems to share a part with the Batmobile in regards to the pilot cabin. Could he be changing gear in some way in battle one and then getting bashed and escaping or is the plane stunt an editing trick used to cover that he is actually gunning Doomsday/Wraith.
Judging from where he is seating before Doomsday tries to turn him to Kentucky Fried Bats, i think it's pretty clear that the scene in the plane could be exactly from there.
Now we have a two mystery scenes that i don't have any clues, one is a kid diving (Indian Ocean maybe - Kryptonite) and people on horses in the middle of nowhere. I seriously have no clues here!
Now we see Superman bowing to Lex, he is wearing the same clothes and same arm patch as with the scene with Lois, so that makes things pretty clear.

Also the shots that are directed towards Superman i believe are coming from a weapon planted by Batman, on a location that is remote. I think he has a plan based on the information he has, he is suited up so he doesn't die immediately, but i think he is prepared to do that to lore him to his trap.

He uses the Bat signal, gets him where he wants, in the first teaser we see him in a place holding something like a rifle and then on a roof-like position again holding a spear like object.

One of those uses sticky bombs, the other is kryptonite laced to help him against Superman.
The third act i have no clues besides the obvious Doomsday raffle, however i believe that could be another misleading edit, and this could be early and for them to really come up with a brain crusher in the finale.
So this is my overall theory, what do you guys think i missed or didn't notice at all?
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