1989' Batman Movie Review

1989' Batman Movie Review

In celebration of The Dark Knight Rises, I decided to watch what I feel will always be the definitive classic Batman film, one that surely defined my childhood.

It's been a while since I've viewed this movie. But it's definitely a classic. Brought back a lot of memories from when I was younger, though sadly I was unable to see this amazing title in theatres at the time, though I'd give anything to use Doc Brown's time machine. Feel like "Batman" will always define my childhood. I think Batman is one of the first comic heroes I discovered, being born into a family that for the most part adores comics. I won't compare "Batman" to Nolan's universe because it's an entirely diverse interpretation of the character. One thing I noted, especially back in the day, what I often wondered was how and why he became Batman. I grew up with Batman the Animated Series in the 90's and despite it being a cartoon, I feel there wasn't really much explanation other than the same old story we all know from the comics. Michael Keaton, I feel was and will always be the definitive Batman of the late eighties/early nineties era. One of my favorites.

Both he and Jack Nicholson owned their roles respectively. Wish Joker hadn't died. Would've been nice to see what would've happened if he'd survived and gone to prison. Killing villains, especially ones that should never die, (Doc Ock, Venom, Joker 89'), seems to be a flaw in hollywood, one that often gets on my nerves. But I don't know, to me it just don't make sense. Back then, if Joker had lived, I'm sure he could've returned, escaped from Arkham to torture Batman. I mean how many times has Joker returned in the Animated Series? I lost count. Even in the future he came back and caused havoc on Gotham, using poor Tim Drake's body as a time capsule.

But anyway, it's one of the few things I'd change if I'd written the script. Awesome movie, but there's really no reason to kill of someone like Joker. Honestly think he was done more justice than Penguin in Batman Returns, which for the most part lived up to its predecessor. Those early Batman movies could've gone in a few creative directions if the effort was put in. I think Keaton should've stayed in the role, but I understand he backed out of Batman Forever because he disliked the script, which I can understand. That one was definitely a sign of the end of an era. Yet the only real flaw of Forever were the villains and the plot, which didn't really feel solid.

Loved the Batmobile from 1989'. By far my favorite. Felt that it's the closest to the Animated Series version, updated a bit, and surely the coolest. If I had to take my pick of which version of the Batmobile I'd drive, I'd have to go with 89'. Disliked how the design of the car kept changing. And then there was the matter of the villains always destroying his car. Hoped Nolan's Bat movies would change that but even the Tumbler wasn't immune to getting blown up. The highlight of the entire movie I feel was at the conclusion when Batman is looking upon the classic Bat-signal shining in the sky, foreshadowing his destiny as Gotham's protector. If Keaton had stayed in the lead role, with Burton directing, I'm sure we could've been spared from Batman Forever and the absolute worst, Batman and Robin. Seriously. I'll take Burton's dark and gloomy movies over the bat-nipples any day of the week. Whose idea was that anyway? Don't answer that cause I don't want to know. No matter how many Batman films are made, nothing beats the classics.
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