VIDEO GAMES: BATMAN: ARKHAM Developer Rocksteady Studios Will Be Skipping E3 This Year

VIDEO GAMES: BATMAN: ARKHAM Developer Rocksteady Studios Will Be Skipping E3 This Year

Batman: Arkham fans hoping to get a first look at Rocksteady Studios' next game will, unfortunately, have to wait as the developer is skipping this year's E3, one of the game industry's largest events.

The wait for Rocksteady Games to unveil their next project will continue for at least a little while longer. The studio, responsible for hits like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, will not be attending E3 next week.

The disappointing news was confirmed by studio co-founder Sefton Hill, who did at least reaffirm that the studio is "hard at work" on their next project.

Seeing as the Electronic Entertainment Expo is considered the premier trade event for the video game industry, it seems like Hill wanted to dispell any rumors or speculation that might pop up ahead of the big event. In confirming that Rocksteady will not be attending E3 in any capacity, it at least tempers any fan expectations heading into the show and avoids any potential backlash. Hill provided a similar message ahead of The Game Awards in December last year.

Rumors of Rocksteady's next project have been swirling around the internet for quite a while now. While we don't know what their next title will be, Hill confirmed last year that it's not a Superman game. A report earlier this year claimed that Rocksteady Studios is working on a new installment in the Arkham franchise, titled Batman: Arkham Crises.

It's possible that Rocksteady's next game is being developed for next-gen consoles, which could explain why they are waiting to reveal it.

On the bright side, we will finally get to see Square Enix's mysterious Marvel's Avengers title next week.
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