Johnny Depp Was Almost Batman In Batman Forever

Johnny Depp Was Almost Batman In Batman Forever

Johnny Depp Was Almost Batman In <em>Batman Forever</em>

Johnny Depp talks about how he almost played Batman in Batman Forever and that he is open to being The Riddler in "Batman 3."

Johnny Depp was just interviewed by Robert Genola, he was asked about playing The Riddler in Batman 3, where he mentions he could have played Batman. Read the questions below.

Q: Are rumors true that you are playing The Riddler in the third Batman movie?
Johnny Depp: No, that was just one of those things that is speculated on the internet and what not. But I was fortunately considered to play Batman in "Batman Forever".
Q: Were you not interested?
Johnny Depp: Not at all, I was very interested. What happened was Tim (Burton) was producing it and he was trying to talk Joel Schumacher (the Director) and the movie bosses to give me a shot at the role but it just never really worked out.
Q: What if you were offered to play The Riddler in Batman 3?
Johnny Depp: I would not be quick to say no, yeah. I would certainly not turn it down right away, but I'm not sure I could do it justice. Especially after how well Heath did as The Joker, I think my playing Riddler would be a step back for the films. But hey, never say never.

cookiepussproduction: Personally speaking, Johnny as Batman would be pretty sick. But I think his playing the Riddler in the Nolan movies would be a bad move for him to make. But if Depp had the opportunity to play Riddler in the original films, that could have been pretty good.
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