Val Kilmer Reflects On BATMAN FOREVER

Val Kilmer Reflects On BATMAN FOREVER

Val Kilmer suited up as Batman in the 1995 theatrical release of Batman Forever, during the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo he talked a little bit about his experience on the film.

When most people talk about the movie Batman Forever it is met with more jeers than it is cheers. Val Kilmer was at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo where he talked about the film. "The cast was pretty amazing, and we spent a lot of time hanging out,” Kilmer said. Jim Carey is who he hung out with the most because he had just lost his father, and Kilmer said he could relate having lost his father just before he filmed Tombstone.

One of the more interesting bits from Kilmer was his take on the Batsuit he had to wear. He said that it took him an hour to get into and that he could not do it by himself. "You can’t hear because there are really no earholes in it. Also you can’t turn your head and you can’t go to the bathroom by yourself. Plus, you fall over quite easily. It was like wearing a wetsuit that was several times tighter than one anyone else would wear, and then when you add the cape it’s almost psychedelic," he recalled. Kilmer joked by saying wearing the suit must be what being old is like saying, "No one really listens to you any more. You can’t really talk or hear. You’re always falling over and someone has to help you go to the bathroom and get dressed."

Not surprisingly he was also asked his take on Christopher Nolan's Batman saga. Kilmer had nothing but praise for the films saying what Nolan has done is what he hoped they would have did. He also said he suggested that they talk to Batman fans, "Directors like Spielberg and George Lucas don’t wonder what kids think. They go ask them. That was my suggestion: ‘Why don’t we talk to the people who really love Batman?’" He also offered up his reasons as to why his tenure as Batman wasn't as successful as it could have been by saying they kind of got carried away with the idea of the bad guy being immune to rules. "Things became cute. It’s entertaining, but I think what they’re doing with the Batman films now is more in the original spirit of the character," he said.

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