EDITORIAL: Top 10 Best Scenes From Christopher Nolan's DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY

EDITORIAL: Top 10 Best Scenes From Christopher Nolan's DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY

Find out why The Dark Knight Trilogy is the best trilogy and also, count down the 'Top 10 Best Scenes' from the trilogy.
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First of all, I would like to thank all those who are reading my article.(my first Editorial in CMB.com.)
Second of all, forgive me if you find any kind of grammatical mistakes in this article of mine, as i stated before this is my first ever editorial, so go easy on me...

Now 'are you ready to begin?"

The Dark Knight trilogy to me, is 'the best trilogy' ever made till now.To me, what makes this trilogy stand out strong is that each movie, from the theme ,the tone, the acting, the direction, the villains and the visual effects are absolutely spot on! They all go so beautifully well, complementing each other in every scene, which in return makes every scene absolutely  breathtaking.

What I love about the Director Christopher Nolan is that he had set an impossible goal, that is to produce realistic movies based on the Batman's universe, and  that he accomplished. His success can be seen reflected in each of the movies.

Now a days making a trilogy seems to be in full swing in Hollywood, wether the first movie was good or not, there always seems to be a 'part 2' or 'part 3' coming out, eg. 'The Hangover trilogy'.wtf?
But making and getting a good quality trilogy is extremely hard, for a trilogy to be good the story needs to go back in circle to the beginning and discover something unexpected that comes and bites back. And that it what Nolan's trilogy delivered.

Now to me, not only is it the Best Trilogy, it is also the Father of all Comic book movies. The Dark knight was the movie that set the bars of CBM to a higher level, it  has showed that CBM doesn't have to be about mindless action and explosion or the superhero putting on a mask and saving the damsel in distress all the time.

The Dark Knight was also the first movie based on a graphic novel character to win an Oscar.

Score of the movies is just phenomenal! It has to be one of the strongest pillar of the whole trilogy. It never fails to capture every essence of the movie and also at giving me goose bumps every time I listen to one.
The main person behind the breathtaking soundtracks is non other than the famous German film composer and music producer Hans Zimmer himself, he is a God among men, you would believe me if you have listen to his works on 'The Last Samuria', 'The Gladiator', 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' ,  'Man Of Steel' and 'Inception'.

If I had one word to describe The Dark Knight Trilogy, it would be 'EPIC'!



1. The Dark Knight Rises- The Climb.

"Why Do We Fall? So We Can Learn To Pick Our Self's Up."
This scene to me has to be the most powerful scene in the whole trilogy.
In this scene we see Bruce mustering all his strength to embrace his fears after he has recovered from his broken backbone, and learns to pull himself up from the pit, the pit depicting the well which he fell into when he was a child in Batman Begins.
It is beautifully shot, the background music is powerful, the prisoners shouting in Arabic "Deshi Deshi Basara Basara" (meaning "Rise Up") and the bats flying out from the cave, this scene is just crazy.
It always gets me hyped up!

2. The Dark Knight- Fall Of The White Knight.

"It's Not About What I Want, It's About What's FAIR!!"
This has to be the most intense scene in the trilogy.
The confrontation between TwoFace, Gordon and Batman is just epic,
the white knight finally goes to the dark side and torture Gordon's family as he tosses his coin and chooses whom to kill, while Gordon and Batman remains helpless. 
The Joker succeeded in showing that even a guy like Harvey can be easily pushed to the Dark side.
I loved how the music is played, were it goes dark and cynical when Harvey tosses the coin and then just brightens up when Batman jumps over and saves the kid.

3. The Dark Knight- A Bat Joke.

"To Them, You Are Just A Freak, Like Me!"
This scene is truly Iconic and awesome.
In this scene, its all about The Joker and Heath Ledger stunning performance, he literally becomes the joker!
Here we see Joker explaining the ugly truth about the world to Batman,
Batman himself is intrigued and listens to him.
At the end Joker gives Batman a choice to choose between Harvey and Rachel, but to The Joker it was a chance for Batman to be truly noble, but Batman ended up being selfish and picks Rachel, in the end only to find Harvey in her place, were as Rachel ends up dying.  

4. Batman Begins- The Training.

"Your Parents Death Was Not Your Fault, It Was Your Father's."
The scene is really awesome, because we get to see Bruce in his final days in becoming The Batman as we know him. In this scene Wayne learns the ways of the League of Shadows and also to accept the true reason for the death of his parents.
Ra's Al Ghul teaches him to channel his angers and conquer his greatest fear.
Really love this scene cause, this is for the first time we are getting to see the origin of Batman in the big screen.  

5. The Dark Knight Rises- Breaking The Bat.

"I Am The League Of Shadows, I Am Here To Fulfill Ra's Al Ghul Destiny!"
This scene has some of the best fight scenes of the trilogy, here we see the introduction of Bane to Batman, where Bane easily over powers Batman and breaks his back.
What I love about this scene is that during the fight there is no background music played, and the only thing you can hear is Bane's cracking voice and the punches they are throwing at each other, while Batman struggle to fight on, Bane just keeps on talking calmly and beating the crap out of Batman.
At the end when Bane breaks Batman's back, the background music starts and Bane walks away with the broken cowl on Batman. 

6. Batman Begins- Joker's Easter Egg.

"I Never Said Thank you.. And You Will Never Have Too." 
This has to be the best Easter egg ever in the history of CBM.
In this scene, we see for the first time Batman and Gordon on the roof top of GCPD, with the Bat-signal on, which is really awesome cause it looks like its fresh out of the comic book, and what makes it more better is the teaser of The Joker, by his calling card.

7.The Dark Knight- Joker's 'ACE'.

"Introduce A Little Anarchy." 
In this scene where Joker confronts Harvey, and manipulates him to the point where Harvey  become The TwoFace.
This scene is pretty powerful and shows how well  The Joker had planned out his schemes to turn Gotham's White Knight into a criminal, so as to destroy Gotham's hope for sanity.
The part were Joker dresses as a nurse is pretty cool.

8.The Dark Knight- 'Why So Serious?'

"You Wanna Know How I Got These Scars?"
This scene has to one of the most famous Joker scene, in the Trilogy, with the famous line "Why So Serious?".
The scene shows Joker telling his victims a made up twisted stories about how he got his scars before he kills them.
This act by The Joker reveals that he is trying to reach out to people about his unhappy childhood in a sick and Twisted way, and the significance it had played to his scars.

9.The Dark Knight Rises- The Child Of Ra's Al Ghul.

"Talia. My Mother Named Me Talia Before She Was Killed."
This Scene reveals the true identity of Maranda Tate as Talia Al Ghul, daughter of Ra's Al Ghul.
Now the reason why this scene ended up in my list is because, when the identity of the child was revealed, it was not Bane but Talia.
The whole time, I thought it was Bane, so it came to me as a shocker.
The way they unveiled the story about Talia was done well, and had made more sense to the story.

Nolan's movie signature.

10.The Dark Knight Rises- A kiss before Death.

"I Guess We Are Both Suckers Then"
Now I didn't want to leave Catwoman out, so I just kind of added this to the list. why?
Cause in a Batman movie, we got to have some Batman and Catwoman action in it and also
because Anna Hathaway's Catwoman was pretty badass.

As Batman gets the bomb hooked to his plane, Catwoman realizes that she may never see him again, and kisses Bruce.
The scene is followed by Gordon asking Batman's identity as he is a hero, where Batman says "a hero can be anyone, even a man who is reassuring as putting a coat over a young boys shoulder to let him know that the world has not ended." and takes off.
And Gordon remembers and whisper to himself "Bruce Wayne."
Now that's awesome.

As, I end my list, I must add that making
  this list was not easy for me, because the trilogy is filled with some of the many awesome and spectacular scenes that would make any CBM fan crazy, and to narrow it down to just the best top ten, it's just difficult.
Here Are Some Scenes Worth Mentioning:

 .Batman Begins- "Its Not Who I Am Underneath."

.Batman Begins- Batman's Back Up, The SWAT Scene.

.Batman Begins- "What The Hell Are You?..... I'M BATMAN."

.The Dark Knight- Joker's Video Tape Message To Batman.

.The Dark Knight- Joker's Hospital Explosion.

.The Dark Knight Rises- Bane's Intro And The Plane Crash.

And also The Ending Scenes of all the three movies.

Well guys, that was my Top 10 picks for the best scenes from The Dark Knight Trilogy, hope you all enjoyed my article and once again, thank you for reading.

Don't forget to share your thoughts and hit the red glove below.
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