The New Joker Hates Comic Books

The New Joker Hates Comic Books

The Dark Knight's Heath Ledger really knows how to endear himself to comic book fans.

Heath Ledger, cast as the Joker in Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight follow up to Batman Begins, says he's got no love for the source material.

Talking with Dark Horizons on how his Oscar nomination has affected his career, Ledger said: "I think there's a new level of interest kind of thing but I haven't really acted on it, since the only thing I've really done since is this Todd Haynes film and The Joker."

Already a controversial choice, Ledger continued that ordinarily taking a part in a super-hero film wouldn't interest him. "I actually hate comic book movies, like f***ing hate them, they just bore me s***less and they're just dumb. But I thought what Chris Nolan did with Batman was actually really good, really well directed, and Christian Bale was really great in it."

Ledger says he's looking forward to playing a truly evil character. "He's going to be really sinister and it's going to be less about his laugh and his pranks and more about just him being a just a f***ing sinister guy."

However, his agent is happy with the money the role brings: "I'm sure they're super happy that I'm doing this, because this is the first time I've really kind of taken something like that, so they're over the moon. But I think it's just going to be a really fun experience, and I love to dress up and wear a mask."

No costumes have been designed, but Ledger says that "I've seen a few interesting designs on the look and I think that it's going to look pretty cool."
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