Batman Rises: Whats Wrong With It (Do not click on this Nolanites)

Batman Rises: Whats Wrong With It  (Do not click on this Nolanites)

Click with an open mind please...

I warned you...

Let me start off by saying that I loved Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. I think both films (more so Batman Begins) are nearly perfect films. I didn't get the chance to see The Dark Knight Rises until it came out on blu-ray because my daughter was born the very weekend the movie came out. And after my wife got home with a crying newborn baby I couldn't just leave her alone with our 4 year old son and newborn baby. So as I said I had to wait until it came to video. I have finally seen it and I have to say, I was really disappointed. This movie had SO many things wrong with it that just didn't make any sense to me. Let me go through the ones that come to mind, and if you can help me make sense of these please do. I welcome any input that'll help me enjoy this movie more.

If the prison Batman was in was controlled by Bane (they wouldn’t even talk about Bane’s history because of that fact) why would they let Bruce Wayne leave? Not to mention that the inmate helped Bruce get better. He was afraid to talk about Bane’s past because he ruled the prison but he was ok with helping Bane’s enemy get back on his feet by fixing his back?

This next one is the one that bugs me the most. Bruce Wayne is in another country when he escapes the prison Bane put him in and still manages to get back to Gotham with no money and no identification. Not to mention all of the bridges were destroyed and under military watch, so how did Bruce cross them? He than walks around a Gotham engulfed in chaos to, by chance, run into Catwoman who he doesn’t care at all that she betrayed him and left him for dead. In fact, for some reason it made Bruce trust her even more. World’s greatest detective? Really?

Why did Batman leave the cops of Gotham after shooting Bane’s Batmobile? If he stayed in the Bat and fought many of the cops lives would have been saved. He also seemed to ignore his own "no guns, no killing" rule quite a bit.

Last we see of Batman in The Dark Knight, his legs are fine. We find out in The Dark Knight Rises that he hasn’t been Batman in 8 years (when we last saw him running from the cops at the end of TDK with his legs being A-OK) yet his legs are falling apart. When did this happen?

Why would Bane spend 5 months changing Gotham only to nuke it? To poison the souls of the people of Gotham? What does that matter if everyone is dead? Not to mention the only people Bane was letting leave were the people he truly hated. Anyone who got past the ice wouldn't be caught in the nuclear explosion. He was doing those people a favor by letting them go. A small chance on the ice was a better chance than staying in a city that was about to get nuked.

Batman just happens to show up just hours before the bomb blows up.

Why did the Gotham police set up ramps for Bane when he robbed the bank? They had all their “barricades” backwards creating perfect ramps for Bane and his men.

Why did that orphan want Batman to return? The kid looked like he was maybe 9 or 10 years old. That means for practically that kids entire life he’s heard about how Batman killed Harvey Dent and a few cops. Batman was thought to be a murderer and a criminal as per the ending to The Dark Knight. There is no reason he should be thought of as a hero by that kid. Or anyone else for that matter.

No Nuclear fallout from the bomb? Not to mention it apparently only takes a few minutes to turn a clean energy device into a nuclear bomb.

How did Bane find out who Batman really is? Ra's Al Ghul didn’t find out that Bruce Wayne was Batman until right before he died so he didn’t tell him.

Bruce Wayne just walks around showing his face after the entire world thinks he’s dead. Bruce Wayne is a billionaire. How do people not notice?

Bruce Wayne repaired the bat signal, laid out gasoline in the shape of a bat on the bridge, and left a bag for Robin, all in the span of a day. And the ice that seemed ever so thin all of the sudden could hold Batman and all of his weight in the bat suit.

Oh and Bane’s voice was stupid. Really, really stupid.

And for the record I enjoyed Batman Begins more than The Dark Knight because BB got into Bruce Wayne's head more. We got to see why he became Batman, what he thinks of justice and injustice, which left me with a better understanding of Batman as a character. The Dark Knight was great because of the Joker, but I'm a bigger Batman fan than a Joker fan. Which is why I enjoyed Batman Begins more. Just an FYI.
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