Michael Caine Comments On The Ending Of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Michael Caine Comments On The Ending Of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

The Dark Knight Rises ended director Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise, however the ending of the film left some people scratching their heads. Alfred actor Sir Michael Caine sat down to give his take on the ending of the film.

A lot has been made of The Dark Knight Rises' ending. Speculation has run rampant on whether or not what Alfred saw that day at the cafe was real or an illusion to put him at ease. Actor Sir Michael Caine talked with The Huffington Post where they asked him about the last scene in the movie. He said that Christopher Nolan is a secretive director (shocker), but that he, "was so happy with the ending, obviously." They went on to ask him what it was like the day while shooting the scene. Check out what he had to say below.

"It was just an ordinary day. "You do this, you walk in, have a look around." He said, "I just want you to nod, nothing else." Because earlier I said to Bruce, "I want to see you with a wife and children and all that." I said I won't saying, I'll just nod my head. I said that earlier in the movie and that's exactly what I did at the end. I thought the ending was wonderful."

"It's the writing, you know. The thing about Chris is that he's not only a brilliant director. I think he's up there with David Lean, but David Lean couldn't write. He used Robert Bolt to write his scripts."

Caine is very hopeful that the film will perform well at this years Oacars. To check out what he had to say about the films, as well as those who worked on its, chances head on over to The Huffington Post. You can check out The Dark Knight Rises when it is released on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow!

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