Morgan Freeman: "There's going to be another Batman movie"

Morgan Freeman: <i>"There's going to be another Batman movie"</i>

The actor believes that there will indeed be a third Batman movie but he's less sure about whether he'll be in it...

Whilst speaking to BBC Radio One the Invictus star was confident that we'll see the caped crusader again sooner rather than later, "Well...I always say, now I've been asked this question a number of times, and I don't think that Warner Brothers, the board of directors, the chairman or the president or any of those people are stupid!"

"Which means there's going to be another Batman movie."

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When questioned about whether he'll be back as Lucius Fox he said, "Now that's not carved in stone. We'll only know that when the script is written and the same guy's writing the third script, if there is to be one."
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