NVISIONS Spoiler Free Review Of The Dark Knight Rises

NVISIONS Spoiler Free Review Of The Dark Knight Rises

Was the final chapter as good as we wanted or at least what we deserve? Click here to find out my opinion.

I just saw the Dark Knight Rises in a theatre that seemed like it turned off the air conditioner to save on money I suppose. Watching an almost 3 hour movie in general under this condition would have most moving around there chairs wishing the movie will end. Luckly for me this movie did not suck and I may add that this final chapter of Nolan's vision of Batman with it's run time of 2 hours and 45 minutes was nothing short but awesome.

There are a few parts in the movie which may have you thinking "Well that was convenient". But most of those scenes can be overlooked when you look at it in a different light. No spoiler here but there is a scene where Someone important is on something and batman just comes in the scene and you think to your self what just happened to ?.. Will talk more when you see the movie also there is another scene where a certain character explaines something to bruce shedding light on another important character and I could not help but think Really?..

There is a couple more I could think of but I think most of you read enough reviews so I will keep this one straight to the point. The last 5 minutes of the movie even though I kinda new what was going to happen is still epic because it does grab you further in with the emotional connection that the movie has taken you up to this point. There is a nod towards a certain character during the last few minutes which would have loyal fans clapping. Also the last couple of scenes as well.

Tom Hardy did a great job as Bane and while the fight scenes where a step up from The Dark Knight as a fan I wish there was more of Banes second fight scene with Batman where Bane has a "Moment". And you can't help but think to your self yes we want more of that Bane. His voice was worked on compared to the 6 minute trailer we got a few months back as his voice sounded more clear this time around. My one gripe was I wished they kept the moaning and gargling of his voice still in the film to give Bane more character.

Anne as Selina Kyle showed that she was perfect as the Nolan's version of Catwoman. No gripes about her. Bale did an awesome job as the Batman as usual while Mr. Caine had some great moments with Bruce Wayne. Marion's character MIranda was decent but there is a scene where she is explaining something then after she explanes there was a laugh from me and most of the audience that where in attendance once you see the movie you will understand. This review was suppose to be straight to the point but I guess I am rambling a bit but with a movie that is almost 3 hours long you can understand a spoiler free review is a little hard when so much as happened in the film.

Final verdict if I was nit picking I would've wanted more of Bane's fighting style to have more moments that where like the second fight scene with Batman where we get to see Bane get a little crazier with his punching. Miranda later in the movie explaines something and after she finished talking you can't help but chuckle cause the scene is a little silly. One character is with a few others treading carefully then another main character walks like nothings wrong. During the movie you can't help but think why don't we see more of gothams citizens other than what we see in the football stadium and some children from an orphanage. Last I couldn't help but shake my head why some characters where able to move around Gotham with out more interactions with the villians.

While it is nit picking once you see the movie most will understand the points are valid. The Dark Knight Rises has some great moments and will put a tear to loyal Batman fans and many will clap with enjoyment at least twice in the film. Its better than TAS and Batman Begins. Dark knight is still one the best out of the 3 but at the same time this third installment has quite a few elements that surpasses the The Dark Knight. While I did not see the movie in Imax i did say before going in to see this movie I will see it again in Imax but it has to be great. I will see it again today in Imax.

9/10 Stars. The Fire Rises.

One last thing to compare the Avengers to this film is like comparing a jetski to a motorcycle while one is more grounded and bad ass the other is pure enjoyment and a lot of fun. The Dark Knight Rises is like reading a really good graphic novel while Avengers is like reading a well done comicbook. I think two analogies are good enough.
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