Reasons why The Dark Knight Rises is my favorite of the trilogy

Reasons why The Dark Knight Rises is my favorite of the trilogy

I'm listing only 5 reasons why. This is another fun article and is pure opinion...

As the teaser states, this is pure opinion. I will not allow bashing or anything ignorant in the comments section cause it makes no sense to do so about someone's opinion. Yes, I will acknowledge that The Dark Knight Rises has flaws (Marrion Cotillard still can't act for crap) but so doesn't Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Here are five reasons why The Dark Knight Rises is my favorite of the Nolan trilogy.

Acknowledging the previous film(s)

This is a problem I had with, The Dark Knight. It felt more as a standalone sequel throughout most of the film, rather than acknowledging the previous film. It still bugs me to this day. That's one thing I liked about the finale and what I call "the wrapper" of the series. It ties both films into a fitting conclusion.

There is more to talk about

This is more nitpicking than anything but still. There are only three things people talk about when, The Dark Knight enters discussion. 1) Heath Ledger's portrayal of The Joker 2) Dark and Gritty 3) The realism. I'm sorry but it's true. At least from what I have seen and from the discussions I've entered about the film. The Dark Knight Rises leaves you more to talk about, hell, even Batman Begins there is more to talk about than there is to, The Dark Knight.

It's engaging

Don't get me wrong. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were both great but, they both dragged. More so, The Dark Knight than Batman Begins. I'm not talking that, The Dark Knight Rises is more engaging cause of more action. It's more engaging even in the slower and more dramatic parts of the movie. The acting helped make it engaging, especially Tom Hardy as Bane but we will get to that later.

No real love interest

No, I'm not counting Catwoman. No, I'm not counting Marrion Cotillard and her horrible, so called "acting" either. The one thing that helped drag down The Dark Knight was the love interest. Now, don't get me wrong. It worked for the movie and helped improve it as it went on. But, one of the best things about The Dark Knight Rises is that there is no love interest to hold the movie back. No flat romance that was seen in the previous films. This film had a hell of a story and got straight to the point.

A new villain

Physically, he isn't the same Bane from the comics. But, spiritually he is. What I mean by new villain is that, there is finally a villain in a Batman movie that feels threatening, he feels scary and it's an "oh shit" sort of moment when you see him. Heath Ledger was phenomenal as The Joker and deserved that academy award and the presence, The Joker had was just wow. But, Tom Hardy of course plays a different type of villain. This villain felt threatening, I was legit scared of this dude when he was on screen. Especially during his first fight with Batman. When I saw it in the theater, I was "oh damn, shit just got real. This is one scary ass mother f*cker". The Joker was a more fun villain and was engaging but, I felt Hardy as Bane was more engaging. I'm not saying Bane was better because they're both a different type of villain. So, it really wouldn't be fair to say that one was better than the other. It's about preferance. I prefer Hardy as Bane.

Overall: I love The Dark Knight trilogy. Every movie was great in a different way. But, these are reasons I enjoyed, The Dark Knight Rises the most. What do you think? What was your favorite and why? Comment below and be respectful. If a person bashes on this article or another user, I will delete the comment.
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