Wally Pfister Says Anne Hathaway Looks Phenomenal As Catwoman!

Wally Pfister Says Anne Hathaway Looks Phenomenal As Catwoman!

The cinematographer drops some serious hints that we'll be seeing more than just Selina Kyle in the third movie and lets it slip that Hathaway looks great "in the wardrobe"! He also comments on the recent Hugo Strange rumors...

Brendon Connelly from Bleeding Cool, recently had the chance to ask cinematographer Wally Pfister a few questions about The Dark Knight Rises, and he dropped some very intriguing pieces of information. Here's a couple of the most interesting excerpts from the report. Be sure to follow the link over to the site to read more, and for the links to the full audio interview!

Talking of the screentests, Kevin asked:

So, Wally you shot Anne’s screen test for Catwoman?

To which he replied in the affirmative. That’s a yes to Kevin saying "Catwoman", not "Selina Kyle". Hmmm.

Pfister added, a little later:

"She looks phenomenal in the wardrobe."

I couldn’t let that lie. Later, I came back to it and asked if this meant what it seems to mean:

"Brendon, I’d get fired and I wouldn’t even get to shoot the picture...I can’t really say, but I definitely want to be around next year..."

They also asked him about the Robin Williams as Hugo Strange rumour and the secrets that still surround The Dark Knight Rise, to which he replied:

"They could turn around and surprise me too. It’s happened before. When I turned around and saw that list of girls that we were going to be screen testing before they cast Anne… I didn’t know myself who was real and who wasn’t until about two days before the tests when Emma told me."

The Dark Knight Rises is set to be released on July 20, 2012!

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