Why Everyone Should Stop Complaining About TDKR

Why Everyone Should Stop Complaining About TDKR

A reveal of all the inaccurate complaints about the best comic book movie of the year.

Okay The Dark Knight Trilogy is without a doubt one of the greatest trilogies of all time. Also, it is probably the best CBM trilogy of all time. It seems as if with the high expectations of the finale of the great trilogy, upon seeing it people have nitpicked it to death and most of these nitpicks are inaccurate. I'm going to list these complaints and explain them.

1. Batman Quits.

People are saying, because of Batman's dedication to the city he would never quit. What they fail to understand is he quit to save Gotham. If he continued with the police hunting him, the symbol of Batman would be gone, people wouldn't look at Batman and see a hero, they'd see a murderer who no one should aspire to be. Also, if you have a problem with this then you should also have a problem with The Dark Knight Returns, which is widely held as one of the greatest graphic novels of all time.

2. Bane Is A Henchman

BANE IS NOT A HENCHMAN! BANE IS NOT A HENCHMAN! BANE IS NOT A HENCHMAN! BANE IS NOT A HENCHMAN!BANE IS NOT A HENCHMAN! BANE IS NOT A HENCHMAN! BANE IS NOT A HENCHMAN! BANE IS NOT A HENCHMAN! If Bane is a henchman to Talia then Darth Vader is a henchman to The Emperor. Something like this was also in Arkham City where it turns out that Hugo Strange was working with Ra's Al Ghul, but you still see him as a formidable foe and Bane is still a very formidable foe. Bane and Talia are partners and Bane is a father figure to Talia not a love interest.

3. Bane Torturing Gotham For Months Is Pointless

He explains this while he is talking to Bruce in the prison. He says something like, there is a reason this prison is the worst hell on Earth, hope, many times has a man looked to the sky and imagined climbing to freedom, and that is what I'll do to your city. I vaguely recollect what exactly he said, but the isolation of the city wasn't pointless he was treating the people of Gotham like the people in the prison, he was giving the bad people a place to be crucified before their doom.

4. John "Robin" Blake

At the end, John Blake's real name is said to be Robin. Many people took this to mean he was going to be Robin and didn't like that, this what i say to those people: It was just a nod to the fans, Robin is a real name, If he became Robin it would be like Batman becoming a superhero named Bruce.

5. Batman's Only In It For About An Hour

This trilogy wasn't necessarily about Batman, sure he was the core character, but it was about Batman as a symbol and how people would react to Batman. In this movie, Batman is gone for the whole midsection and Gotham falls, it isn't a coincidence that when Batman comes back Gotham RISES again. That's what the whole movie was about when Bruce says Batman can be anybody he means everybody, so when the dark knight rises it means all the characters rise. Catwoman does when she comes back, John Blake does when he becomes Batman, and I assume more people of Gotham will don their own cape and become The Son's Of Batman I just wish this was explained.
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