Why The Dark Knight Rises is a Good Movie... But That's All

Why The Dark Knight Rises is a Good Movie... But That's All

Here I explain why Nolan's last installment of The Dark Knight Legend is all but a masterpiece. WARNING: SPOILERS GALORE, ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

So last night I was able to see The Dark Knight Rises last night and I enjoyed it very much. It is definitely deserving of its blockbuster title and greatly rounds out the trio of CBM's the summer of 2012 had to offer. It had its flaws but is a good movie none-the-less. But going on Facebook and CBM today I realized many people were giving it TOO much praise in my opinion. I'm going to see it again tomorrow to see if any of my questions are better explained and if there is something I'm wrong about or if there's an answer to my question, please tell me, my feeling towards the movie might improve then. But for now in the words of the Joker, "Here we go".

(From forgivable to unforgivable)

Bane's voice:
I know, I know, it's been talked about like crazy but I still had a hard time figuring out all of what he was saying. Talking in that mask couldn't have been easy and the accent was terrifying and wonderfully done by Tom Hardy. I think that sometimes the voice worked well and was intimidating, but sometimes I didn't know what was going on because I couldn't make out what he was saying. I'm sure this will all be resolved by seeing it a couple more times.

Bane's driver being surprisingly easy-going:
This one isn't very long but might as well throw it in. When Gordon sends the bus in front of the truck that's supposedly carrying the bomb. The driver just stays in the vehicle. He doesn't think to get out and start shooting someone? Surely he has a gun. I also wonder why he wouldn't call up Bane or at least send him a text that says "Copz no our rute bro, dey trying 2 get da bom" (I'm assuming Bane would just text because how could he hear through that mask?)

Bruce Wayne's relationships with women:
Bruce seemed to have thrown away his playboy self in Batman Begins after his talk with Rachel, his true love. But that makes me question why once he gets a wet Miranda Tate in his house he's all hands. This scene felt forced and only there to set up what comes later in the film. When Tate is revealed to be Talia Al Ghul, Bruce seems shocked and blindsided. For all I know she was a business partner of his and also a one night stand. I really didn't feel like she betrayed him that much because I never felt a strong connection between the two of them. I know I was SUPPOSED to be angry at her for stabbing him and lying to him the whole time, but I wasn't. And as far as Selina Kyle, I just couldn't understand the fact that he kept trusting a woman who was not very nice to him. I know she was doing what was best for HER, but to go off and live a new life (I'll get to that later) with a woman who was essentially an accomplice to breaking your back is kind of a strange move.

Random Bat-Gadgets strewn across the city:
When Batman first makes his return I was all giddy on the inside, well the outside too I guess. But afterwards I thought to myself 'Was the Bat just chilling between those two buildings the whole time? And what happened to the Bat-Cycle? Seems like the police would want that for evidence.' But strangely enough it shows up later in the movie with no hint of how it got moved. Another good question is how the Bat could just sit up on a rooftop for a couple weeks with just a camo sheet over it and no one finds out about it. How can a giant lobster helicopter just sit on a rooftop with a giant blanket over it and not get spotted?

Knowing that I'll probably never get to see a JGL Batman:
The new Batman was greatly set up, Bruce Wayne is already someone he looks up to and is willing to help train him to step into the Bat-shoes. I got all excited with the thought of a Batman Beyond movie. And the final scene is John Blake, excuse me, Robin discovering the Bat-cave. But somehow I doubt this will be followed up. And I hope to the heavens I'm wrong.

Yay! New random money!:
Wayne Enterprises has no money, Bruce is considered dead and has a gravestone, I doubt he'll let Selina steal for money and I also doubt that they'll work for it. But it seems like they're pretty well off in they're new life. Somehow they have money and I have no idea where they found it.

Bruce Wayne being able to get from God knows where to a city that is closed off in a matter of hours:
Bruce Wayne escapes the pit and rises, Hans Zimmer makes it sound freaking awesome. But then I realize, where the hell is he anyways? He doesn't know, he was passed out when he arrived. Gotham is closed off, it was stated many times that no one leaves and no one enters or the bomb blows. And yet I'm left with no answers on how he makes the commute from a random desert-aborigine town to a heavily guarded Gotham. And on a deadline too. And having the time to shave and put on his eye shadow. Man is he impressive.

All throughout the movie Bane is pictured as a ruthless mercenary bent on finishing the job Ras Al Ghul started. He was kicked out of the League of Shadows, kills people just coz he's angry, and he ruins Hines Ward's amazing kickoff return. This guy is BAD. But really he just loves Talia. That's how he got out of the pit (again, HOW!??) and how he joined the League of Shadows. Everything in his life after the pit is due to Talia. There are many great action scenes between him and Batman. My palms sweated and I nearly fell out of my chair because my butt was just a little too on the edge. But having Catwoman just pop in, shoot him, and kill him was a little disappointing. I really expected an epic final battle between Bane and Batman and seeing Bats come out on top.

Well there it is, my apologies if I dried out anyones eyes from it. Please feel free to comment if there was any place I was wrong or confused. And I'm not saying its a bad movie AT ALL, I enjoyed it greatly and look forward to seeing it many more times. But I just feel that a movie 4 years in the making would have adressed some of these issues and made things a little more clear.

Until next time good-lookins.
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