Breakdown of The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer (Spoilers!)

Breakdown of The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer (Spoilers!)

A breakdown of The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer! Spoilers so proceed with caution.

This is my first article so I hope you all enjoy it. If you haven't watched the teaser trailer yet then please refer to nailbiter111's article and watch it. Here's the link:

Now on to the fun stuff...

First off, we see the production logos of Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures surrounded by blue flames. It then cuts to the side of a building as the camera begins to scale up it. A title card then appears on the screen stating, " EVERY HERO HAS A JOURNEY". It then cuts to Bruce Wayne walking up the mountain towards Ra's al Ghul's hideout in Batman Begins with a voice over from al Ghul stating, "If you make yourself more than just a man,..."

Next, a title card cuts in stating, "EVERY HERO HAS AN END". We next see Bruce in the cave surrounded by bats from Batman Begins, again. In this clip the voice over continues stating, "...if you devote yourself to an ideal,..."

A title card then appears on the screen with the words, "FROM CHRISTOPHER NOLAN". The voice over contimues with, "...then you become something else entirely..." the screen cuts to black and al Ghul continues, "...A legend Mr. Wayne,..."

We then get a shot of Batman on the Batpod driving up the ramp from the end of The Dark Knight. The voice over continues and ends with, "...a legend."

The shot then cuts to Commisioner Gordon in a hospital bed holding an oxygen mask away from his mouth so he can say, "We were in this together," the screen then cuts to Gordon axing the Batsignal from The Dark Knight, "and then you were gone." Gordon seems as though he is in serious pain by the tone of his voice. We then cut back to the side of the skyscraper as the camera pans up towards a white sky.

It cuts back to Gordon who says, "Now this evil," It now cuts to someone climbing out of a tunnel with gordon stating, "rises."

Cutting back to Gordon we here him say, "The Batman has to come back." The screen then cuts to a dark figure doing some intense push ups when we finally here the voice of Bruce, "What if he doesn't exist anymore."

Cutting back to Gordon we here him say painfully, "He must...He...must"

Suddenly we get a shot of Bane's face and then the screen cuts back to the
skyscrapers as they begin to crumble while the camera shoots towards the white sky, which is now in the shape of the batsymbol, out of the destruction. "The Dark Knight Rises" appears on the all white screen as the chanting from the website begins pounding.

Suddenly the screen cuts to Batman backing away as Bane enters from the left side of the screen. The chanting contiues when title card then appears stating, "THE EPIC CONCLUSION TO THE DARK KNIGHT LEGEND" which then cuts to another one with, "SUMMER 2012".


Now here are a couple of thoughts:

1. It seems as though Bruce will be giving up the cape and cowl sometime during the movie, or possibly before the movie even starts based on what Gordon is saying. It seems as though Batman will be called back into action to defend Gotham once again.

2. One thing that is in hot debate right now here on this website is whether that is Batman or Catwoman in the final clip segment. I can tell you right now that the figure on the right side of the screen is Batman. You can distinctly see the batsymbol on the right side of the chest and also a part of his shoulder armor. Also his cape can be seen off his right shoulder for a split second. His jaw and mouth can also easily be seen. People that have also seen the HD version of the trailer are saying that it's Batman so that's proof enough.

3. One thing about Batman in that clip is that it looks as though he is limping slightly. I believe we are seeing Batman battling Bane midfight in this clip. One thing I noticed about Bane is that it looks as though he is walking up a set of stairs from the way he enters the shot. He also looks very large and it looks as if he is lumbering up the stairs, so maybe he isn't in the best of shape either.

Thanks for reading my first article and I hope you all enjoyed it.
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