Buy Your Very Own 1960's Style Batmobile For $149,999!

Buy Your Very Own 1960's Style Batmobile For $149,999!

Buy Your Very Own 1960's Style Batmobile For $149,999!

That's right, for the sum of just under $150,000 you can have your very own road worthy Batmobile complete with a pile of gadgets and it's very own flamethrower...

Based on the Batmobile seen in the 1960's TV series starring Adam West, American company Fiberglass Freaks, have come up with officially DC licensed, road-legal Batmobiles that you can buy for $149,999. (£95,000) The founder of the company, Mark Racop, had this to say: I fell in love the show, fell in love with the action, the color, the music - everything. But the best feature was the Batmobile, speeding out of the Batcave."

The replica car will feature takes around six months to build and comes complete with an in-car 'Detect-a-Scope' radar, a retractable 'Bat Beam', a phone pedestal and 'Batphone', a fully functional 'Rocket Exhaust' flame thrower, and a certificate of authenticity. Other, more modern, gadgets bundled aboard the Batmobile include a digital radio, a 7.0-inch LCD screen, a built-in DVD/CD player, and a deluxe six-speaker surround system with two amps and a subwoofer.

The production licence granted to Fiberglass Freaks by Batman rights holder D.C. Comics – the world's largest comic book publisher – restricts the company to producing no more than eight Batmobiles every year, which will certainly help maintain the car's exclusivity.

The initial batch of Batmobile replicas is expected to be ready in time for November of 2011.

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