Changes To The Dark Knight Trilogy

Changes To The Dark Knight Trilogy

The Dark Knight Trilogy, in my opinion, is near perfect and served its purpose of being a closed universe. But if I had to make five changes that opened it up, what would they be?

Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises are the films included in this masterpiece of a trilogy. Each one tells a time of Bruce Wayne's life and executes it perfectly. The films take their time and allow the audience to connect with the character rather than just say things about the character, something that few CBM's had done before. TDK Trilogy is grounded in realism, something that the previous Batman films had not done (Top 15 Dumb Batman & Robin Moments). The goal of the "Nolanverse" was to make great films that show the journey of Bruce Wayne rather than Batman, in a very messed up everyday world, meaning that the only "superhero" to exist in this universe, as it should be. But with the "rumor" that WB wants to pay Christian Bale $50 million to play Batman again in the DCU, which was just something out of a $3 book on Amazon that has been blown up, it got me thinking about TDK Trilogy. I've gone through and watched them all again and started thinking if that would work, from a story perspective. And it wouldn't. It seems like no matter where you would place the DCU in TDK Trilogy it ends up contradicting the story and ruining it. But that's when I got the idea of what if I could go through and five changes to each film to make them better adapt to the DCU . With each thing that I came across it became more and more clear of how it would play out and that's why I needed to write an article. But before I start, I in no way want TDK Trilogy apart of the same universe as Man of Steel, no matter how cool the idea would be. The only way that it could ever fit with no changes to the previous films would be to find an acceptable way to bring Bale's Batman out of retirement for a second time without sounding dumb or ruining the ending of TDKR, while at the same time making that Batman be able to survive in a world with the powerhouse that is Henry Cavill's Superman. Also, again, I think that all of TDK Trilogy is perfect and these changes don't have to be made to make the film better, only to make it adapt to the DCU. One last time THESE CHANGES DO NOT AND SHOULD NOT BE MADE, THIS IS A HYPOTHETICAL IF I HAD TO. THESE FILMS ARE ALL ALMOST PERFECT AND NEED NO CHANGES AS STAND ALONE FILMS. This is only if I had to figure a way to put them in the DCCUWith that in mind, lets get started.

Batman Begins

5. Harvey Dent:
The issue here isn't really a major one, it's just that it would help in the future instalments, as I'll explain later. I remember reading something saying that the original plan for the trilogy was that instead of Rachel Dawes in the film Harvey Dent would replace her and Rachel Dawes would be used in some other role. That plan had many other elements to it, but was ultimately scrapped. I wasn't a fan of all of the plan, but I was intrigued by the idea of Harvey appearing in BB with Rachel. If this happened, we would be able atleast see the character and possibly have him flirt with Rachel, providing a little backbone for TDK.
4. The Fighting:
This one is pretty much a nitpick, but although the fighting worked for the grounded realism of the film, if it was in an expanded universe then it would need to be more aggressive. What I mean is have the blows look harder and make it look like everybody is stronger than what they really are so that way when Batman does fight Superman or WW or some other powerful figure he doesn't snap like a twig.
3. Rachel Dawes:
Again, this is nitpicking, but the acting by Katie Holmes was pretty raw. I don't hate her performance as much as other people, but if see maybe had better lines or had a different actor from the beginning then it would be fine. But the more I watch the film, the more her acting gets stale and bad.
2. The Voice:
The voice in this isn't as bad as the other two films, but I think that the problem needs to stoped at the root. The voice is intimidating, but it would be silly seeing him talk like that to Superman throughout a whole film. What should happen is he can use <a href+"http:="""" watch?v="P-7QsBWWpA0&quot;">this voice when talking to criminals, but normally should have something close to this (2:48).
1. The Time:
This one could never really happen, but Batman Begins should take place around the same time as Man of Steel so that way the stories of the two line up. But that will never happen, similar to how I will never be able to go back in time change a few things.

The Dark Knight

5. The Dogs
In the movie Batman is attacked by a mobsters dogs and is to slow to efficiently avoid them and is bit multiple times. This provides a legit issue and reason why he upgrades his suit. This is fine because it is realistic and that's what this universe is going for. But in a greater DC universe you can't have Batman taken down by a bunch of dogs and yet still be expected to go up and fight Superman. This scene should be cut and he needs another excuse as to why he would need to upgrade his suit.
4. More Two-Face
Like I said up above, if he is in BB and we atleast get to know a little bit about him then that makes all the difference in all of the world. With less Harvey there is more time for Two-Face, who was a little underused.
3. Gotham
In Batman Begins Gotham was a dump and that was perfect. It had personality and that's how Gotham truly is in the comics. But in TDK Gotham looked like Chicago. It shouldn't have been a complete dump like it was in BB, but just because Bruce comes back doesn't mean that it loses that. Gotham is a forever ruined city and no matter how much Bruce tries to fix things nothing will ever be the same or normal. Gotham looked a little better in TDKR, but it just felt a little bland in this.
2. The World's Greatest Detective
The weakest point of this film is Batman's lack of detective skills. But is the worlds greatest detective. When Batman is figuring out what kind of bullet was used he should have had made a bigger deal out of it. I mean if you are in a world with science created superheroes and aliens then it would be nice to see the man who relies on that the most take advantage of it.
1. Saving Scary Face
Check out the video at the bottom to see what I'm talking about when I say scary face. This one is kind of tricky. I believe that Two-Face should have been used again in the future films, but couldn't because he fell and snapped his neck. And I know you aren't going to live long with an infection like that, but I would have like to seen more of him in another film. What should have happened was when Harvey fell and Batman got up having his speech then ran away to the batpod, Harvey should have gotten up and ran away. Then instead of the GCPD going out after him, they have an ongoing investigation looking for him, but for the time being declare him dead on that day.

The Dark Knight Rises

I know we got this for all the main Gotham characters, but what about the rest of the DCU? This would only apply for a shared DCU and is not a blemish on the film.
4.Make Bane and Batman Stronger
During the climax of the film when Bane breaks Batman's back, I feel like if it was an expanded upon universe their blows should be harder and stronger, making it seem like they could last with these superhumans.
3.The Joker
I know that it would be hard to put something that is related to the Joker in the film, but we could have at least gotten an easter egg to find out that the Joker is the lone inmate at Arkham instead of finding it out in a childrens book.
Really the only explanation that would be needed is why wouldn't Superman stop the nuke or carry it out instead of Batman? Where was he? Or did he actually save Batman? This is only for a DCU.
1.Another Film
It's hard not to love TDKT and you just keep wanting more. And if this is an open universe then there should be a film in between TDK and TDKR and change around what happens. Instead of 8 years of silence make it 5 or 6 and have another major event in between, with oh I don't know maybe Riddler/Freeze/Joker/or Two-Face? It also leaves room for other DC heroes and their events to lead over into that film.

So there are my top changes that I feel like would have needed to be made if the Nolanverse were to combine with the main DCU, which I feel it should not. The films are great and any changes would ruin their legacy and need to stay put. I would now like to see a Batman that fixes the few flaws that TDKT's had. And we should be getting that since we are getting the same team who brought us the best batman on screen yet along with the very talented and visionary Zack Snyder. There should be no worries going into the future of Batman, as it's actually as bright as ever. And one last time, these changes do not reflect on the film and aren't necessary. The films are almost perfect and give us a great look at Bruce Wayne's life, whether it's beginning, middle, or end. So let me know down in the comments what you thought and what you would change in the Nolanverse. Until next time...

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