Christian Bale Intrigued To See Another Interpretation Of BATMAN

Christian Bale Intrigued To See Another Interpretation Of BATMAN

Check out what Christian Bale had to say about possibly seeing another actor put on the Batsuit for future Batman movies. Warning, the video and quotes do contain spoilers if you have not seen The Dark Knight Rises.

While chatting with MTV, The Dark Knight Rises star Christian Bale was asked about whether or not he would enjoy seeing someone else continue the Batman legacy. Bale said that he would be happy to see it and is intrigued to see what happens with Batman since they are done with the character. He even complimented Adam West's Batman interpretation calling it Fantastic.

"I'm very intrigued to see other interpretations of it, at this point. There have been many wonderful ones Adam West did a fantastic job spoofing it and I am being sincere. And we returned to the darkness, which I'm told is what Bob Kane intended it to be when he created this. Chris has managed to make it topical, well for Bob Kane it was topical for World War II. So it will be very interesting to see what somebody else does with the character and I'll be the first one there to watch."

Bale was also asked about the time he said there would be no Robin in this franchise on his watch. Bale responded with a laugh and saying, "I was talking out of turn some what. Because, ya know what? Regardless what my wishes would have been it was not my choice and never was. You can check out Bale and the rest of the cast in The Dark Knight Rises in theaters NOW!!!!

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