Christian Bale The Only Cast Member To Shoot In India for TDKR

Christian Bale The Only Cast Member To Shoot In India for TDKR

Christian Bale The Only Cast Member To Shoot In India for <i>TDKR</i>

Recent reports have put The Dark Knight Rises shooting in India, as it turns out Christian Bale will be the only cast member making the trip. Also a fort in India seems to be the primary shooting location.

It seems that when The Dark Knight Rises comes to India to shoot it will only be for a couple of days and only include Christian Bale in the scenes they are shooting. According to The Times of India crew for the porduction will start arriving around May first with Bale showing up on May 4th or May 5th to shoot for around two days starting on May 6th and ending on May 7th. Also they will be shooting at Mehrangarh Fort, located in Jodhpur city in Rajasthan.

Here is the report from The Times of India:

Nolan had come down to India in December to scout for locations in Jodhpur. That was when he chose to shoot in Jodhpur's Mehrangar Fort. The main crew will start arriving from May 1. Christian Bale is expected to arrive in India on May 4 or May 5. Though permissions have been sought for shooting the film for the whole of May, the unit will shoot in India for only two days – May 6 and May 7. hotels in Jaipur and Jodhpur have been booked for the crew. Says a source, "Nolan had scouted locations in both Jodhpur and Jaipur. But, he fell in love with Jodhpur and decided to return to film here. They are coming with a very small unit of around 15 people and will be shooting here for two days. There are no Bollywood actors being cast in the movie. But, local actors and crew members might be roped in. The unit wants to use the beautiful fort as the background for the movie. However, nothing is known yet whether Jodhpur will feature as an Indian city in the movie or not."

The Dark Knight Rises will be released on July 20, 2012

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