Co-Writer Jonathan Nolan Talks TDKR; Comments On JUSTICE LEAGUE & THE AVENGERS

Co-Writer Jonathan Nolan Talks TDKR; Comments On JUSTICE LEAGUE & THE AVENGERS

Sharing excitement for Batman's inclusion in the potential Justice League movie and praise for The Avengers, Christopher Nolan's brother/co-writer also talks about The Dark Knight Rises' ending.

Speaking recently with Empire, The Dark Knight Rises co-writer and brother of director Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan, discussed many aspects of the "epic trilogy conclusion," including the Robin gag. The Oscar-nominated screenwriter also shared excitement for the potential of Justice League, and he offered praise for Marvel's The Avengers and director Joss Whedon.

On plans for the Justice League movie, and seeing Batman in that very different context:
“I’m incredibly excited. I was a big Batman fan when I was a kid. In fact he was the only comic-book character I really liked. I went through a brief spell where I was reading Captain Britain, because I was an English kid living in the States, and Wolverine for 30 seconds, Spider-Man too, but really Batman was the one. And I love that there are different versions of the character. I love that in the context of The Justice League, he’s kind of the black sheep of that family.”

On Bane, the Joker, and the trend of recent villains conspiring to get themselves captured:
“Well, the Joker did that gag in The Dark Knight and that’s one of my favorite scenes in The Dark Knight! But I’m sure we were inspired by what went before — probably Bond movies or something else. There’s something great about it: in the face of certain defeat they have actually engineered the whole thing. There are similarities between Bane and The Joker in that sense. With both you think the shoe is on the other foot, and then you realize that the entire encounter has been engineered for them to get something they want. But The Joker has a particularly municipal aim. With this one, Bane’s out to do something really big. He is completely in charge of that situation. And unafraid, almost absurdly fearless. You’re never in any doubt with Bane. He is completely what he is. He’s absolutely... Out-of the box thinking. He does not take into consideration his fear.”

On the Robin gag at The Dark Knight Rises' end and if the character could work in that established universe:
“It is a little hard to imagine Robin working in that universe, so the idea had to be limited to that gag at the end. But Joe’s character is very important to the story. In any movie you need a character looking at proceedings the way you see them, and Joe’s character is that character for this film. One of my favorite scenes is when John tells Bruce how he knew he was Batman. It’s like that scene in The Prestige where the little kid sees through Christian’s trick. Little kids, they don’t have any illusions, they just see the truth of the situation. I feel there’s a kind of spiritual connection between the two movies there.”

On whether he has seen this summer's Marvel's The Avengers box office behemoth:
“I did. To me Joss Whedon is a god, I’m just a huge fan of his work, I love his work on TV. And I thought The Avengers was just an incredible achievement.”

For the full interview, where Jonathan Nolan discusses Anne Hathaway's performance as Selina Kyle and rogue’s gallery characters that couldn't work in The Dark Knight universe, head over to Empire. Anyhow, special thanks to Steven for the jump on the interview. What do you think?

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