COMICS: BATMAN BEYOND 2.0 Writers Talk Chapter Twenty Eight's Shocking Twist & Future (SPOILERS)

COMICS: BATMAN BEYOND 2.0 Writers Talk Chapter Twenty Eight's Shocking Twist & Future (SPOILERS)

The writers behind DC's digital series Batman Beyond 2.0 talk about the shocking twist that was revealed in the latest chapter Twenty Eight, as well as what to expect later on. Hit the jump and read what they have to say.

Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel, the writers behind DC Comics' digital series Batman Beyond 2.0 just released its latest issue, Chapter Twenty Eight last Saturday, August 9, 2014. Inside was a shocking twist revealing the long-unknown tension between Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon.

Before Barbara was dating Dick, she briefly went out with Bruce and the former Batman ultimately confessed to his former sidekick something the former Batgirl never told him: Barbara is pregnant with Bruce's child. Hearing this, Dick did not take that well and attacked Bruce, resulting in the former partners fighting.

Elsewhere at the same time, Barbara's attempts to take down a mugger consequently causes her to take a blow in her stomach. Lying on the ground with her hands clutching her stomach, she seemingly loses her and Bruce's unborn baby. The two writers sat down with IGN to discuss the twist and tease what's next.

IGN Comics: This chapter is the back-story a lot of fans have been wanting to see. What was it like planning out how their romance would play out and how Batman would eventually get involved?

Kyle Higgins: A lot of this story is me answering the questions I had as a fan… but in a much more dramatic way. I remember seeing the episode A Touch of Curare, where Barbara sits down with Terry at a diner and—in so many words—tells him that she and Bruce had been in a relationship. I remember wondering how that went over with Dick Grayson—surely he knew about it, right? Barbara dismisses her initial relationship with Dick as nothing more than puppy love… but I never believed her. So, when I took over the book and started planning out Terry’s future—including why he and Bruce split—I knew I wanted to incorporate wounds from Bruce’s past, which Terry learns about, as well as a mistake from the present. Terry has his own doubts about Bruce, due to the Jake Chill reveal, and then has those feelings reinforced when he learns about the Bruce, Barbara, and Dick history.

As far as the Dick and Barbara stuff goes, I always thought it was a pretty big time bomb move on Barbara and Bruce’s part to get involved with each other… which I’ve stretched out to say they never told Dick Grayson about. I mean, Bruce and Barbara are both adults who made their own decisions, and obviously cared about and were attracted to each other—heck, Barbara’s second time on the show opens with a dream sequence where she kisses Batman—but when you have the history that these three have, it’s a really hard relationship to rationalize getting involved in. From Barbara’s standpoint, it’s like trying to date your ex-boyfriend’s brother. Or, from Bruce’s standpoint, your brother’s ex-girlfriend. When the heck does THAT ever work? It’s not a healthy move. Which, you know, is probably why the original show writers did it. If explored, it can be incredibly dramatic.

IGN Comics: Anything else you'd like to add about this big development?

Higgins: I think we covered everything, really. We don’t want to spoil the rest of the story, so I would just urge people to keep picking up the book. Everything has been building to this and what it sets up after.

IGN Comics: What would you say to fans to get them excited for what you have coming up next?

Siegel: Melanie Walker, a classic Beyond villain, alternate timelines, and the return of some other Beyonders.

Higgins: I’d read it!

You can read the full interview on IGN.

With Terry's trust in his mentor Bruce Wayne shaken, Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon reveal the truth about what happenned to the Bat-family all those years ago...

Batman Beyond 2.0: Chapter Twenty Eight is written by Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel, penciled by Phil Hester and Craig Rousseau with inkers Eric Gapstur and Craig Rousseau. The cover is designed by Matteo Scalera. It is twenty three pages long. It was digitally released for $0.99 on August 9, 2014.
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