CONFIRMED: Is This The Official Classification For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?

<font color= red>CONFIRMED:</font> Is This The Official Classification For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?

Some (apparent) leaked info from Warner Bros. private Exhibitors website reveals the movie's classification. If this is legit, expect Christopher Nolan's final Bat-flick to up the intensity considerably..

After doing some digging it seems this could well be legit, but just in case have that ever useful pinch of salt handy. The source of the info has apparently revealed a few tidbits from this site in the past that have turned out to be accurate. Honestly, even if it is the real deal it's hardy a huge revelation, but worth posting on a slow news day. The movie will be rated PG-13 (no surprises there), but what is interesting in the reasons given afterward..

"PG-13 for Intense Sequences of Violence & Action, Some Sensuality and Language"

Sounds like we might have a bit more emphasis on the "romantic" elements this time around, though I suppose with Catwoman a factor that was probably always a good possibility. Could we have a proper - if tame of course - sex scene? Trying to glean anything from the plot from the rating would obviously only be guesswork and speculation, but I'm confident that Nolan and co will push the boundaries of that rating ever further than they did with The Dark Knight.

Thanks to Paulrom we have thsi update which confirms the classification..

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