Danny Dyer Auditioned To Play Robin In BATMAN & ROBIN

Danny Dyer Auditioned To Play Robin In BATMAN & ROBIN

The English actor has revealed that he auditioned for the role of Dick Grayson/Robin in Joel Schumacher's disaster-piece Batman & Robin, apparently before Chris O'Donnell was confirmed to reprise the role.

Talking with Popbitch, Danny Dyer - seen in films such as Borstal Boy and The Football Factory - discusses a few of the film roles that he auditioned for but didn't get the parts, and among those roles were Dick Grayson/Robin in Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin, commonly considered one of the worst comic book movies ever made (if not the worst). We all know that Chris O'Donnell reprised the role from the prior film, Batman Forever. Check out a segment from the interview below:

I auditioned for Robin in Batman and Robin with Joel Schumacher. It’s strange really because for every one part you get, you lose out on twenty -- rejection, you get used to that pretty early, but you still want to know why, you want to know details. Why? Why don’t they want me? You’re in competition with so many actors, you can’t just be in competition with yourself -- you’ve just got to accept it and move on. I was given many rejections to start with and I’m sure there have been many actors that I have beat to the jobs that feel the same way.

For the rest of the interview, click the link below.

Do you think Dyer would've been a better choice for Robin than O'Donnell? Share your thoughts below in the usual place.

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