David Cronenberg Clarifies TDKR Diss: It's ALL CBMs He Feels Can't Be "High Cinematic Art"

David Cronenberg Clarifies TDKR Diss: It's ALL CBMs He Feels Can't Be "High Cinematic Art"

You may remember a while ago the director seemed to scoff a bit (well, actually a lot) at the suggestion that Christopher Nolan's Batman movies should be considered "high art". Well now he's explained himself to The Playlist, but I'm not sure he'll be calming the fanboys down any!..

Back in August during an interview with Next Movie, David Cronenberg revealed his outright dislike for comic book movies. The director singled out Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy in particular, after the interviewer brought them up as examples of how the genre could be elevated. "I think people who are saying, you know, 'Dark Knight Rises' is, you know, supreme cinema art, I don't think they know what the f**k they're talking about," said Cronenberg, who then admitted to enjoying Christopher Nolan's other movies - Memento especially, but continued to say he finds his Batman movies "boring", and that at the end of the day, despite any technical brilliance, they are "still Batman running around in a stupid cape.". Well, this understandably ruffled a few feathers among the fanboys, so when Cronenberg was asked to clarify his comments by The Playlist, he responded..

"What I was saying was that a comic book movie is really a comic book movie. Comic books were -- especially those comic books which I was raised on (I loved Captain Marvel) -- created for adolescents and they have a core that is adolescent," he elaborated. "To me, that limits the discourse of your movie if you're basing it accurately on that, and you cannot rise to the highest level of cinematic art. That's my take on it. I went on to say that, of course, technically they can be incredibly interesting, since there are very clever people making the movie and of course have a lot of money they are throwing at it. But creatively, artistically, they are incredibly limited. It got bent out of shape that I was dissing Christopher Nolan, which just wasn't the case."

Well that's alright then! Personally I think it's kinda refreshing to hear this type of honesty - even when I don't agree with it. Some people just don't like comic book movies and that's that. For the full article click on back to The Playlist at the link below.

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