Douchebag 3D Master Predicts "Chris Nolan Will Join the Herd"

Douchebag 3D Master Predicts "Chris Nolan Will Join the Herd"

Hate Hollywood enough yet? Get aload of this story that appeared today in the London Daily Telegraph.. >:(

Michael Lewis, the founder and chief executive of RealD, which makes the 3D projection system used in most cinemas, as well as stereoscopic cameras, predicted Nolan will have a change of heart, like other big names.

“I’d love to get Batman, of course,” he told The Telegraph. “It’s going to be the biggest film of the year.”

“But I think it’s just a matter of time. There are very few major directors not working with it now.

Continuing in an ingeniously logical and unbiased fashion:

“Michael Bay said he’d never do 3D and then made the latest Transformers movie. Stephen Spielberg said he’s never work in 3D or even digital, but then did [in Tintin].”

"So I hope to get him [Nolan] at some point too.”

The article goes on..
He pointed out that, increasingly, the technology is making its way towards the

end of the movie business, with directors such as Baz Lurhmann and Ang Lee due to make their 3D debuts this year.
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“It’s not about spears coming out of the screen at you anymore,” said Mr Lewis.

“Filmmakers are really getting to grips with using this technology to draw you into the experience.”

“It’s like a leap from standard definition to high definition,” said Mr Lewis, who co-founded RealD in 2003.

“I was with Peter Jackson in New Zealand recently and the movie looked amazing.”
(at some point it terminates)

So Mr Nolan, are you finally cured of your notion that this technology is unnecissary? Just give up and make Ghostbusters III in 3D since we all know how much of an asset 3D has been to every movie that has used it

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