After Friday's depression article, I think it's time we lighten things up a bit. Today we turn our attention to the highly anticipated film, Batman Vs Superman. So hit the jump to check it out, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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Hey look it’s Khan with another obvious “10 Must Haves…” Yes, yes it is. How we all doin’? I’m doing great, thanks for asking. So last week was San Diego Comic-Con and unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, you’d know that both Zack Snyder & Warner Bros’ have announced a Batman/Superman movie. Now I understand how a lot of fans are excited, but I also understand how many fans (like myself) are quite worried, but if DC/WB’s follow my formula, we should get a decent Batman/Superman movie, so here’s a 10 step Bible on how DC/WB’s should make Batman Vs Superman!

1. This Is A Superman Sequel

I think this is the second most important thing to discuss. At the end of the day, no matter what, this film is still a Man Of Steel sequel. I don’t want to go to the theatres in summer of 2015 and go watch a Batman orientated Superman sequel. When you think about it, we only just met Superman in the last half an hour of Man Of Steel, we still haven’t met the Clark Kent we know and love, this movie has to find a way to give us the Superman we want to see and introduce Batman in a new and original way.

2. Have The Movie Based On A Great Comic Book

If any of you watched the announcement of the Batman Vs Superman movie, you would’ve heard the quote that was used before the announcement, that quote is taken directly from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. That would be the worst book to base this film on, and I have faith DC aren’t that stupid. That being said, what’s a good book to base this movie on? Well I’m a huge fan of the Batman/Superman comic book series; the comic book series focused on the early days of Batman meeting Superman, and it featured Supergirl resting in the balance of an alien invasion. I honestly think that could be an awesome idea for a film, but I doubt it considering the amount of stuff this film must address, adding another Kryptonian would only make it more confusing.

3. Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor is perhaps the biggest asshole in all of comics. Look at his smirk, his bright bold head I want to punch him. This is perhaps the best time to bring Lex into the new DCCU, imagine Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor in a business meeting, imagine that shit, it’d be so dope. Lex Luthor having a role in this film would also set up his presence in a future Superman sequel or Justice League movie. Now what could Lex actually do in this movie? Well Lex could provide the main villain with information regarding Superman. LexCorp is one of the biggest companies in this new DCCU, I’m sure he would know a few things regarding Superman’s arrival and the destruction of Metropolis. The next question is, who would play Lex? Jon Hamm. Next!

4. This Movie Has To Be Good

This is the team up movie. In 10 years time, this will be the movie everyone talks about. I mean it’s Superman and Batman, these guys the greatest superheroes out there, this film will no doubt be a huge box office success but that doesn’t mean it will be a huge critical success. I don’t have the biggest faith in this film, as I think it’s slightly rushed. When Zack Snyder & David S. Goyer enter production on the film they must remember that this is the film that will make the childhood of millions, possibly billions. This film will arguably be the biggest superhero movie of all time. Two great superheros like Batman & Superman deserve a film that is simply great.

5. Character Development

Now, I’m a fan of Man of Steel. Do I think it could be better? Yes, but no movie is without fault. For me, Man Of Steel introduced me to Clark Kent/Superman, I understand where he comes from, I understand where he works, but what I (and a huge chunk of the GA) don’t know is what Clark does. Like does Clark go out with Lois? Does Clark send some cheques to his mother back in Kansas? Has Superman been protecting Metropolis since Zod? These are all logical questions that must be answered; this film has a lot to do. Not only do we meet a brand new Batman, but we also meet new supporting characters like Alfred, Lex Luthor and more, so this film needs to put development before spectacle. The last thing I want to see is a Batman Vs Superman movie, where it’s just Batman & Superman fighting for the whole thing, not only is that boring but we eventually stop giving a shit.

6. Less Focus On Batman

Okay, so I’ve been thinking about why Warner Bros’ wanted Batman in Man of Steel 2, and simply… It’s because of money. The last two Batman films all grossed over a billion dollars, the character is a superstar, you slap Batman’s name on it and you’ll get people to see it. While Man Of Steel was not a box office flop, I think in WB’s eyes it’s not as much as they were hoping for. Obviously, Batman will be in this film, now that also means Superman will share screen time with Batman, which means Batman will get the spotlight. This is something that must not happen. While I don’t think Zack Snyder and David Goyer are stupid enough to make a Superman sequel and have Batman be the main character, I have a fear that the character will become more important than Superman.

7. Make Batman Beat Superman

The title of this film is rumored to be Batman Vs Superman. Easy billion dollars right there, but anyway, the film is going to be a fighting movie, I get that. We are going to see Batman and Superman duke it out on each other and while that sounds awesome, it seems way to logical that Superman would win. I mean, he’s an alien from Krypton, he just defeated General Zod, he can kick Batman’s sorry little ass all over the place, that’s where this film becomes awesome. Batman must beat Superman, now I know this kind of contradicts what I said earlier, but think of Batman as more of a villain (to Superman), not only should this happen, but this should happen within the opening 45 minutes. Now, Superman being beaten by a human would not only create self doubt on Clark, but would also make him ask himself some questions like “How’d he beat me?” or “Am I not worthy?” these are questions that should be asked by our hero, this would also bring Superman down to our level showing how even Superman, the greatest of heroes is not perfect.

8. Don’t Make It So Dark And Depressing

I honestly don’t care who you are; Nolan’s Batman films are over the top depressing and extremely dark. That’s why I love them, they tell a different side of Batman, and something we haven’t seen on the big screen before… Now we have, so let’s move on. Man Of Steel was dark and depressing, the music was excellent and uplifting, but the film and tone was way to dark for a Superman movie. As a fan of DC Comics and Superman, I demand a cheesy Clark. I love the idea that Lois knows who Superman is; it makes her character seem less idiotic, but because Lois knows does not mean the entire Daily Planet office needs to know. Having Clark trip over things, or spill coffee everywhere are things that make the people of Metropolis and the Daily Planet seem unsure of the true identity of Superman. Batman being a detective will crack this code in a second… Well one can only assume. I want a Superman movie that has that one moment where Superman gives us hope, not by saying a person from a alien or saving a girl from a sinking ship; but saving us from ourselves. There is a comic book panel that is just above this paragraph, this panel (in my opinion) is what Superman needs to represent. Superman needs to show us humans that life gets better, this panel not only shows Superman saving someone, but he does it in a way no moviegoer would expect. While I don’t see the studio or creative team changing the tone for this film, it’d be nice if we saw a less depressed Batman/Superman.

9. Brainiac

This is where Brainiac should make his grand appearance. Brainiac is one of the greatest super villains in all of comics. He is just badass, having Brainiac featured in this film would give Superman a challenge he cannot face alone. This film will obviously pave the ground work for the potential Justice League movie, so having Superman and Batman team up to take down Brainiac would not only build character for the two gods, but would also give us (the audience) a rough idea of how a Justice League movie could go down. Superman can’t beat Brainiac, in this film I assume he can’t beat Batman so asking for help from Batman would not only build some character for Superman but would also get the audience to know where he’s coming from.

10. No Armie Hammer

All right, I get it. I am a stupid fool, I thought Armie Hammer could lead a franchise, I was wrong. Does that mean Hammer should never appear in DC film? No, because I bet something fishy is going on at Warner Bros’. Anyway, with Hammer not my first choice to play the Dark Knight, you might be asking yourself, “then who is Khan?” Well, I’ll tell you. My casting pick for Batman is the most obvious and most overly done choice in the history of casting picks. Matt Bomer. Matt Bomer, is legitimately Bruce Wayne, his acting chops are beyond average and I feel like Bomer and Cavill would have tremendous chemistry. Matt Bomer is my pick; comment below who you think should play the next Batman!


Wow, we’re done again. I swear to god, the weeks go by faster when you look forward to something; hopefully you guys enjoyed this edition of “10 Must Haves…” Now it’s true, I’m running out of ideas, but fear not! I have at least 3 more weeks of solid ideas and then it’s going to be up to you guys. Next week’s “10 Must Haves…” Will feature DC’s most famous under water superhero, Aquaman. As usual, I’m Khan and I’m out for now!

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