EDITORIAL: 8 Changes Or Ideas I Didn't Like With THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY

EDITORIAL: 8 Changes Or Ideas I Didn't Like With THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY

LEVITIKUZ talks about 8 changes or idea he didn't like about The Dark Knight Trilogy. Some have to do with stuff people has said while most I haven't really seen anybody say which makes no sense. Click to check it out.

Now I loved The Dark Knight Trilogy as a whole. Don’t have too many problems with it but there are some things I disliked and that should have been different. Overall each film is great in it’s own since but there are still some problems I here they are.

1. Gotham To Feel More Like Gotham In THE DARK KNIGHT & THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

My only problem with The Dark Knight and one problem I had with The Dark Knight Rises was that Gotham City didn’t feel like Gotham. I loved the Gotham in Batman Begins but I don’t know why Nolan left that and never went back. I feel like Nolan was more focused on going into an epic setting that he was forgetting where he started. One problem I had was I often asked myself “What happened to the Narrows?” In the end of Batman Begins, Gordon told Batman that the Narrows were lost and then Batman said we will bring back Gotham. We never know how the Narrows were saved or it was never brought back.

2. For Batman & Gordon's Plan To Backfire

Batman and Gordon’s plan was for people to stand up to crime and injustice because of the death to Harvey Dent. That happened but I think it would have better to have that backfire. The citizens took back their city after Harvey’s death but I would have preferred to see the citizens scarred. Dent was a light of hope to stop crime in Gotham and he was killed. I think it would have been better if people started to fear criminals now that not only Harvey is dead, but the Batman is a criminal. It would be an interesting twist.

3. Take Out The Harvey Dent Act

I never understood this Dent Act. It gave the police more power against criminals but it also took out basic laws like due process which is protected by the constitution. You can’t have this Act even exist because it is unconstitutional. It’s that simple I mean it just doesn’t make sense. For a film to be realistic, you introduce an Act that can never happen.


In Batman Begins we had Falcone, in The Dark Knight we had Sal Maroni, but in The Dark Knight Rises we didn’t have a crime lord. This could be because of the Dent Act but at the same time there should have been a crime lord. The 2 best opinions to chose are the Penguin or Alberto Falcone. Both of these men were rumored to be in The Dark Knight Rises. Either one would be good. Alberto Falcone would be a good chose to tie the first film and the third in the return of the Falcone family to power in the Gotham underworld. Penguin would be good too.

5. Catwoman To Be Related To Falcone

Having Catwoman be related to Falcone would be an interesting twist. In the comics, it was confirmed via The Long Halloween that Falcone was Catwoman’s father. I would just be an interesting twist with how Bruce and Falcone butted heads in Begins that Catwoman is this man’s daughter.

6. No League Of Shadows In THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

My problem with the League of Shadows in The Dark Knight Rises was that, we already had this plan in Batman Begins. If I had to compare to something it would be like how there was a Death Star in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and then in Return of the Jedi it’s back. I mean you did this crap already so why bring it back, I just don’t get it. Think of something else.

7. Shorter Period Of Retirement With Batman

He traveled the world of 7 years and then was only Batman for a year, maybe two and then he retired for 8 years as Batman. It doesn’t make sense. If you had Batman & Gordon’s plan to backfire, Batman may have been still be out there. I would be alright with 3 years retirement. 4 tops but 8?

8. Barbara Gordon To Become Batgirl Or Dick Grayson To Become Robin/Nightwing

The one thing I didn’t like with Christopher Nolan’s direction is he made it seem like it was so hard having Robin in a movie. I’m alright with John Blake but I want a real Robin. Hell Batgirl could work. If Batman Begins was insirpated by Year One, and The Dark Knight used The Long Halloween for inspiration then The Dark Knight Rises should have been more like Dark Victory then The Dark Knight Returns. Hell it was the way The Dark Knight ended, using Dark Victory would be a perfect set up. In Dark Victory, both Batman and Gordon don’t talk a lot after what happened to Harvey Dent and the Holiday Killer. Nolan always had nods to Begins in Rises, but one nod using Robin would be how Robin is dealing with the pain. Dick’s parents died and he is in the same place that Bruce was and Bruce could see that in him. It’s not that hard to write. For Batgirl (if we’re using the 8 year time span), we could have Gordon’s wife and son die in a car crash leaving him with just Barbara. We could say Barbara was 8 in The Dark Knight which now makes her 16. That night with Harvey Dent where Batman saved her family, she saw inspiration in Batman and wanted to become just like him, I mean this shit writes itself.

So there you have it. Just 8 ideas and changes I would make. What do you think? Comment below. Peace.
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