EDITORIAL: Batman DCU First Solo Movie

EDITORIAL: Batman DCU First Solo Movie

EDITORIAL: Batman DCU First Solo Movie

The first solo Batman movie after BVSDOJ and JLA, when will it come out? Will Ben Affleck be involved still? What should the movie be about?

Since we have some time until BVSDOJ hits the Cinemas, all we have is theory on our hands. Here is a general pitch i came up with today, not very detailed but i dont have the time. DC TEAM!

Hello CBM society,
Since we will be getting BVSDOJ and JLA afterwards, the Batman solo film looks like an option earliest 2020 at best, so with minimum 6 years until then all we can do is speculate and wish.

Now I decided to give an overall idea of what the movie should be about, general visuals and plot points, nothing elaborate just some points i can write down in 30 minutes on freestyle.

Now let’s start with Batman;

1) Batman is solo in this movie – No Robin, Batgirl, Batwoman, Nightwing, Batwing, Batdog etc. Every time we get some of the names above on film we get a disaster or a half done job. NO THANKS! Yes they can exist in the DCU I just don’t want them in the movie. We need Jim Gordon and Alfred. Batman depending on the actor who will be portraying him should either be old (Affleck after 6 years should be 48) or if they decide to use another actor should be around his 30s. This is important as this can drive the motivation and story line here.

2)  I want him to be airborne and use his Batplane, Batwing, The Bat or whatever he wishes to call it. In the Gotham I envision, we are in a huge metropolis New York styled city, there are traffic jams, cops etc. If you have a secret identity and you are above the law, you surely do not want to be stuck somewhere with 90 cop cars chasing you?!! With The Bat in TDKR he was able to have a big advantage over the cops and Bane’s army. Also I always wanted cool visuals of him jumping of his plane in flight or hovering over Gotham and just doing the iconic bat jump with his cape transforming in the bat shape

3)   I need the mafia and corrupt politicians ruling over Gotham in a way never shown before on film. The city needs to be so corrupt that Jim Gordon will think twice before using the Bat Signal on the top of the GCPD. People are separated in two sections wealthy and connected and middle working class that barely make it to their next check. I want to incorporate the scene where Batman crashes the dinner of the corrupted politicians and mob bosses and intimidates them from Year One.


4) Villains,

my money is on Two Face here as the main villain. He is running with a few loyal thugs, he has no big army or organization, but they don’t care about the police or the mafia or the politics. He want to destroy all financial institutions in the city, by destroying the meaning of money and their value. He had issues while still Harvey with the mafia, he could not win because they had everyone bought and paid for. He is a struggling between his two personas, and you can clearly tell that two very opposite people live in the same space. He seems distanced from the world at times and at other he is that scheeming, corrupt, blood thursty persona that cares about destruction and power at the same time. It looks like he has a ton of secrets under his belt at all times. He hitting certain crews connected to Falcone, that deal with the docks, the customs and all around involved with Axis chemicals. Picture him like a mix between Arron (TDK) and Bryan Cranston (BBad), but with a spaced out stare and an evil grim.

The Penguin is the second villainc present in the movie, he is part of the mafia, but he is his own animal. He has connections and people from each line of the law fear him and his ways, a very well educated Oswald and on the surface he looks like he is always planning. The vision for him is a mix between the Gotham version and Anthony Hopkins. He is reminiscent of a penguin mostly in some of the traits of his face, but he is quite well put and can hold his own in a fight. He does not like the old ways of the Falcone circle and family, however Falcone has a lot more financial leverage on the city and The Penguin cannot match his reach at this point in time.


5)  The suit is a mix between Arkham Origins and the BVSDOJ suit and it looks heavy armored, I would prefer if it is mostly black, but I am yet to be won over some other looks and open for fresh ideas by Zack or Ben.

6) The plot in a few words - Batman is focusing on the politicians who are on the take. Two Face emerges targeting everyone and doing random small crimes, with constant location changes and a small crew. His behaviour is random, his targets are cops and mafia guys. He is hitting the docs owned by Falcone, customs and Axis chemicals. His crew is constantly on the go, he has no certain place and noone expects him anywhere, but he seems to be everywhere. its like he is gathering chemicals for a purpose.

Wayne Inc is hit also, more than two shipments of electronic devices is missing, Bruce check the footage and discovers that it was Dent's crew. The missing parts can be used for remote control manipulation and can be used illigealy for remote bombs. He starts to suspect that what Harvey is doing has nothing to do with money or power over the competition.

In the meantime Falcone is fed up with Harvey/Two Face's hits at shipments for his family and loosing money and has Oswald come over. His request is simple kill Harvey, in return The Penguin is to get new territory and a sizeable amount of money. The Penguin is the most psycho of them all and accepts the challenge with pleasure.

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y241/Hefmeister/Two-Face/nml12.jpg" style="width: 350px; height: 548px;" />

In the meantime Harvey is focusing on his plan which involves the destruction of all main branches and treasuries of Gotham banks, everything that has information about accounts in one night, the mafia thinks he is getting a crew together to take over some of the businesses and territory they have. Turns out everyone is a target tonight, everyone who has saved money and used those banks and their branches. His crew has managed to get enough material to set up bombs in each bank, enough fire power to bring down the whole building. No one actually knows the number of the bombs, since Two Face gave different information to everyone and did every location with different members of the crew or by himself.

Batman/Wayne finds a bomb in Waine Inc, as they own Gotham First Private Bank located on the first floor of the building. He is able to stop the bomb but has no idea of the amount of locations which get demolished to the ground.

Gotham is torn to apart, the Mafia decides that they need to get rid of Harvey since he is acting with no logic and they think he is a bigger threat that Batman. They hire Penguin to do the job, Harvey is captured by Batman and turned into the police. Massive crowds gather inform of GCPD, Two Face confesses in front of Gordon that he just wanted to get rid of the money for us to be free, then he says that other people wanted to take this advantage and run the city and that as lost as he may be he also had a family once and needs to protect it from them.

The Penguin was playing Harvey the whole time, his wife was his prisoner the whole time, now with the mafia money up in the sky, the Falcone family can no longer hold the city at pocket. However with the money he got to from Falcone to get rod of Harvey, he is now running the city and the mafia is defensless. There is a new mayor in town.

At the trial, the controversy is massive, press police etc., the defense request as evidence a box that contains explosives found in one of his warehouses. When they open the box they find Harvey wife's head, a message from the Penguin delivered on time. Turns out he unleashed him on the city as he found his weakness for his past self, and made a plan to get rid of the Falcones.

With Harvey behind bars, its only a matter of time he is murdered in jail.

The movie will set up for the next part, with Penguin now conrtoling organized crime in Gotham and with Two Face in Jail, wanting to kill him for the death of his wife but will he live to see the morning.

Bruce is helping the city through Wayne Inc, to rebuild the buildings etc, Penguin is Boss.

Ok guys, i am now officialy done with the pitch i could come up, this is a rough outline and i haven't given it much detail but that about as much i can come up.



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