EDITORIAL: Batman Villains... Just a bunch of Pussies?

EDITORIAL: Batman Villains... Just a bunch of Pussies?

Is Batman's rep as the ass-kicker of the DC Universe earned? Here's REALLY why Batman "always wins".

There have been many user polls that have featured Batman in them lately and a lot of the time I will chime in with Batman always wins. Now I don’t really feel that way, but I got to thinking about that statement and have an idea on why most fans of Batman feel this way. None of Batman’s major foes are fighters. Allow me the opportunity to break down a couple of them for you. (This only includes Batman’s main villains although Deadshot and some others are cool and could match Batman these characters are in most of his stories.)

The Joker-

The Joker is Batman’s main rouge he is psychotically smart and always has a trick or two up his sleeve to make trouble for Batman. If you really look at him though he is not a big physical fighter, he is nowhere near close to Batman in fighting skill.


Harvey Dent is another one of Batman’s foes that although very smart does not have the physical prowess or the fighting skills to keep up with Batman. Dent is more likely to flip his coin on whether or not to shoot the hostage or to let them live to challenge the Dark Knight’s Morals rather than a physical confrontation.

The Penguin-

Look at him...


Catwoman could hold her own in a fight but is not that great of a fighter. She is more gifted in escaping situations. As well as being stealthy.

I know there are more that I could go over but these are the only ones I felt like doing.

When Batman goes toe to toe with a super powered being, he hardly stands a chance. What Batman brings to the table is his commanding presence, leadership, and a general hardcore mentality that while he has no super-powers, he believes he can still kick any meta-human's ass--and THAT confidence makes his enemies wonder...

After going through and analyzing the facts it looks as though yes Batman does win all the time…..but look who he is fighting! A skinny super pale weirdo, and indecisive attorney, a short fat man, and a stealthy cat.

Road House!
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