EDITORIAL: Does Batman Die In The Dark Knight Rises?

EDITORIAL: Does Batman Die In The Dark Knight Rises?

EDITORIAL: Does Batman Die In The Dark Knight Rises?

I am all about Batman making it out of Dark Knight Rises. Seriously, I hope that is the case, but I don't think he makes it out alive.

Indeed, Caine said Nolan's third Batman flick is especially harrowing, as the Caped Crusader (Christian Bale) returns from his 8 year absence Dark Knight Returns style to battle villains Bane (Tom Hardy) of Knightfall fame and Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), as both threaten to decimate Gotham City.

"Oh yes, audiences are really going to get a surprise with this one," said Caine of The Dark Knight Rises. "I couldn't believe that it would be more intense than (The Dark Knight), but it is." Caine also believes the latest movie chapter will be the last of Nolan's Batman films. "Oh, he won't do another one."

We are really gonna get a surprise.... and Oh, he won't do another one.

I think that we all knew that this was Nolan, Bale and Companies last hoo rah as the Bat. People will be speculating on Nolan coming back to Batman like they do about Elvis and Tupacs whereabouts, or better yet a Back To The Future 4.

You have to be a Batman fan like me to understand the rest of this.

Nolan set out to make a definitive trilogy. All signs point to chaos in Gotham. No Mans Land style. We are going to see a post apocalyptic war film. John Blake is Nolans Jean-Paul Valley. But without the crazy psycho secret society stuff. Azrael was a cop...

Miranda Tate climbing out of a Tumbler in a Bane LOS looking jacket in a set photo and that girl tweeting she plays a young Talia... well.... Miranda is Talia... I would bet my paycheck on it. I think we all agree on that.

I don't wanna speculate on the plot, and other than what I know for sure about this movie, I really don't want any spoilers, however I think that going into the theater with the idea that he is not going to make it out alive, at least with Bruce behind the mask, is going to keep me from driving home crying at 3 am on Friday July 20th.

I know when I read most articles speculating on Batmans demise in this the final instalment of the best damn batman movie ever. The best argument to Batman being alive at the end is the title. The Dark Knight can rise a few different ways with Bruce dead...


Gotham dies with him.. and that's the surprise.

Either ending would explain why the WB execs haven't said anything about the rough draft screening. They are in a coma.

I know that alot of you will not agree with me, but you will agree with this: Bruce being "Made" as Batman would "kill" Batman..... then the Dark Knight Rises because he comes back and kicks ass anyway. People are gonna die in this, Lucious us gonna go, Alfred is not gonna make it, Batman/Bruce Wayne, and James Gordon, all gonna die at the end of this one. Because NO ONE will ever do these characters the same justice that they did. But seriously, Gotham either finds out that Bruce is Batman in this "war movie" or he outright dies. Nolan said himself this was about finishing Bruce's story.

One more thing. Anne will do great as Catwoman.
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