EDITORIAL: Expressing My Love For THE DARK KNIGHT Trilogy

EDITORIAL: Expressing My Love For THE DARK KNIGHT Trilogy

We all know the Dark Knight Trilogy. Some hate it, some love it. But we all have a strong opinion on it. It seems to be one of the most highly debated CBM trilogies out there. Well, BatmanHeisenberg is here to throw more coal into the fire with his analogy of TDKT! Hit the jump for more!

I said this in my X-Men article, and I’ll say it here. READ THE ARTICLE BEFORE COMMENTING, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE TRYING TO TROLL. I hate reiterating that, but I’ll have to from now on for my controversial editorials.


I loved The Dark Knight trilogy. I consider it to be one epic, amazing overlapping film. I love how interwoven and grand the story is, and how much thought was put into the intentions of the characters. I will break it down on into several different topics, so enjoy!


Each chapter in the sage had a main THEME. Batman Begins fear, The Dark Knight corruption, The Dark Knight Rises, well, rising. I’ll break it down by each film:

Batman Begins main theme was fear. Almost everyone in the film used it. It was used to further the characters agenda. It was also apparent in the plot. Batman felt fear for a long time, and decided to stop living in fear, and confront it, and use it. Also, the general livelihood(I wouldn’t call it lively, but still…) of Gotham City was corrupted with fear. The villain’s ultimate plot was to engulf everyone in fear using a concentrated fear gas.

The Dark Knight’s main theme was corruption. The mob controlled what seemed to be everything in Gotham. Only Batman and Gordon could truly be incorruptible. The White Knight, Harvey Dent, was corrupted so deeply that he became a major focal point in TDKR. He was pure in a way, and the true corruptible force, Joker, proved he could tear him down. It was interesting to see the dynamic of everyone involved in Gotham, and how complex the corrupt government and general populace was.

The Dark Knight Rises’ main theme was rising. After the Dent Act was sworn in, Gotham was, on the surface, rising. It was no longer corrupt, and Batman was gone. But after Bane took over Gotham, Bruce had to rise. But not just in a physical sense(out of the pit), but in a more psychological sense. He had to restore his mind to take down the corruption and fear threatening to pour into him as it once did.


Everyone gave an amazing performance in these films. The most notable of course are Hardy, Bale and Ledger, but also the other roles were so perfectly done by the actors/actresses. I especially appreciate Hardy and Eckhart. I feel like they are overlooked a lot. Ledger was perfect, sure, but I feel that we should appreciate everyone across the board.

But I feel like everyone gives credit to the supporting characters. But what about Bale? He was brilliant in the role. He gave Bruce life, he was sympathetic. And he made the sacrifice continually. Also, Oldman is seriously underrated in my opinion. He evolved through each film, go up the ladder, and I loved how Oldman portrayed that. I loved how everyone portrayed their characters.



Isn’t it cool how they overlapped the story? I think so. I like how each sequel took serious effect of their predecessor. The Dark Knight took the events of Batman Begins and evolved into something new. The Dark Knight Rises took the events of both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and evolved and took the next step. This doesn’t just craft a great tale, it’s just great filmmaking.

The Dark Knight Trilogy had a great overlapping story, but I also loved how individual the stories felt to. They felt so different. I love that. Each film had a mission with it’s story, and each film sold it perfectly.

Reality Approach:


Now, a lot of fans hate this, but I am not one of them. I feel it was perfect for what they were trying to do. I like how they made it feel like it could take place in the real world. I feel like it benefitted from this more than anything.


It’s amazing, and it contributes AMAZINGLY to the whole damn thing. ‘nuff said.

Color Choices:

Wait-What? Yes, the color choices. The films had a certain color, and I thought it played well with the plot and setting and everything. Batman Begins main color was brown and black, The Dark Knight was blue and black, and The Dark Knight Rises white and black. I feel like these colors looked great to.

Well, that’s all from me. What did you think of The Dark Knight Trilogy? Do you agree, disagree? Sound off in the usual place!

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