EDITORIAL: The Main Reason Why BATMAN BEYOND Should Be A Film

EDITORIAL: The Main Reason Why BATMAN BEYOND Should Be A Film

I know that Warner Bros. have been trying to adapt this into a film, but unfortunately it got put on hold, I want to give my thoughts as to why this should be the main story in a future film.

Let me be honest, I'm not necessarily a fan of Batman being rebooted again, and here's why: The Origin Story. We've seen it so many times with Superhero films, especially with reboots. With the exception of Batman Begins, it was interesting to see Bruce Wayne go through his journey, to eventually become the Dark Knight. I don't think it's needed to show this again. This has already been established, with Beyond we can have a fresh idea to the character and story.

Of course the 1999 TV series gave new life to the titular hero, mainly because it was a new take, something we haven't seen before. But it's difficult to translate this onto film. But I believe if you really look at the story of Terry McGinnis, there is a way to make his story work. Even with similarities to Bruce Wayne story wise, his character is different. Kind of a cocky guy, but yet determined to taker over the mantle, since the murder of his father. Just for the sake of things, the main key is to make McGinnis relatable of course, as this was notified in the cartoon, but bringing this to a realistic setting should be interesting to see how this would turn out.

The characters could work definitely, but the main question is how could you make this film work? With the film having to take place in 2039, it is tricky, as to how Batman is one of the more realistic superheroes. With the Nolan trilogy completed, maybe Warner Bros could introduce this futuristic version onto the big screen. With the series of comics that have been released, I think you want to use that as a base for the story, perhaps skip the origin portion of it, to dive into the point were McGinnis is already Batman, to start off from there.

Another question is to ask, what villains should be introduced? We've seen square offs with the Jokerz gang, and the Joker himself (As Tim Drake) but perhaps the rogue gallery can be re introduced in their futuristic perspective, for example Scarecrow, Catwoman, Killer Croc etc. With this, Batman Beyond Unlimited (2012) once again introduced the Justice League which resolved in a crossover. Only way this could happen if WB is up to the task, but yet again this won't work unless Justice League is made into a feature film on it's own first. I don't think this would happen anyway, people may not want to see the Justice League reiterated again.

With that said, Beyond is a very interesting story along with an awesome setting, I would like to see as a film, this is just an idea to be thrown around once again the film is on hold. But obviously things change down the road, so I doubt this will ever come to fruition, unless WB is really up to making this a reality. So what do you think?, feel free to leave your thoughts below.
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