FEATURE: The Boston Batman's Top 5 CBM moments

Here's my top 5 CBM moments of all-time! Enjoy!

5. Ending of Spiderman-this scene showed that Peter has accepted the fact that his life is going to be different from everyone else, and he finally realizes what Uncle Ben meant. Raimi did an excellent job of capturing emotion and it was a really special moment since it was right after 9/11 when he swung up next to the flag.

4. Batman Begins Ending-This scene highlights the beginning of a great partnership between Gordon and Batman. Nolan shows us something that none of the Burton/Schumacher movies did: how special the Gordon-Batman relationship is. And who didn't have a nerd-gasm when Gordon pulled out that Joker card?

3. Iron Man post-credits scene-Another epic nerd-gasm moment...it was a dream come true for fans who had been waiting their whole life for a team-up movie, just an all-around great scene.

Oh, what the hell, All of them were awesome!

2. Spider Man 2 train fight-In my opinion the greatest fight scene in CBM history. Everything is executed beautifully,like it came straight out of a comic book.

1. And the winner is...





1. The Dark Knight-Joker vs. Harvey's Swat Truck/ Batman. Just an amazing scene, from the chilling scene with the Bat-pod ejection (4:10 mark in video), to the perfectly executed showdown between Batman and the Joker at the end of the scene, this is truly the greatest scene in CBM history.


Incredible Hulk-campus battle

Superman II-"General, would you care to step outside?"

Spiderman 3-Harry helps Peter (say what you want about the movie, but an all-around great scene)

Batman-"wait till they get a load of me"

The Dark Knight-ending scene and interrogation scene

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