First Review For Batman Live Is Glowing

First Review For <i>Batman Live</i> Is Glowing

Starburst Magazine have printed their review for the Premier of Batman Live at the Manchester Evening News Arena. Click for their take..

After the debacle that was Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark you would be forgiven for not having much faith in a similar stage outing for The Caped Crusader. That and the sneak peak we posted looked a bit, well,..shite. But the lads at Starbusrt really enjoyed this production. I mean REALLY enjoyed, giving the show 9 out of 10 stars.

Here are some excerpts from their review..

Starburst has just been witness to one of the most exciting interpretations of the Batman mythos we’ve seen in a long time. Nope, we weren’t on the set of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (sadly) we were at the Manchester Evening News Arena for the world debut of BATMAN LIVE...

...There before us was Gotham City itself, dwarfed by a colossal video screen back-drop (rendered as the iconic Bat insignia). The screen itself is an amazing lynchpin that compliments the ultra-modern pantomime beautifully, providing not only hugely inventive ways of extending each location, but also aids the narrative with the use of Joe Cubert-inspired comic-book panels. The Gotham City set is comprised of Monopoly piece-like constructs that, once your suspension of disbelief has been appropriately adjusted, work extremely well.

..Tonally, we’ve a version of Batman here that incorporates the earlier movies, comic-books and video games over the less family-orientated (and let’s face it, less fun) Christopher Nolan trilogy. And speaking of Nolan, his version of the Batmobile is put to shame here – The Tumbler doesn’t hold a candle to Batman Live’s representation of the vehicle. Even the last act race across Gotham to Arkham Ayslum projected on the aforementioned Bat screen backdrop (allowing for a much needed costume / set change) could teach Nolan a thing or two about how to properly pace an action set-piece.

...The term family-friendly gets bandied about quite a lot with products of this ilk, but BATMAN LIVE truly does appeal to all ages – from the youngest fans, raised on the many animated shows, to older fans of the Adam West and Tim Burton eras – you’ll find it impossible not to be impressed.

For the full review click the link below. Will you CBMers be rushing to the theater? Batman Live runs for one week only in Manchester, before moving on to Newcastle, Glasgow, Sheffield, Birmingham, London, Liverpool, Nottingham, Belfast, and Dublin. A European tour follows after that, and the show will eventually hit North America in august 2012.


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