Gotham New Poster Easter Eggs

Gotham New Poster Easter Eggs

Gotham poster easter eggs

This is my first article so forgive me if I'm not so "professional"
 Ok so there are few cool easter eggs that I found from the new/first Gotham poster, I want you all to discover it as well, so let's start.

First, there's a Casino logo above that has "Joker" cards! Of course referring to the greatest villain of all time "The Joker" 

Then, there's the easiest one which is a black cat in the background. Of course referring to "Catwoman"

Plus, a penguin poster on the wall near The Penguin and Fish Mooney. Of course referring to "The Penguin"

Finally, there's a "question mark" painting on the wall near Alfred and Bruce! Of course referring to "The Riddler"

So these are the easter eggs that I discovered.
What do you think about it?

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