GOTHAM Showrunner Answers The Big Questions; Confirms 'Joker'

GOTHAM Showrunner Answers The Big Questions; Confirms 'Joker'

Bruno Heller sat down with EW to discuss Fox’s highly anticipated Batman prequel series, Gotham. He confirms that we will indeed be seeing The Joker and (possibly) Harvey Dent, and calls young David Mazouz "the best actor ever to play the part of Bruce Wayne."

In an in-depth interview with EW, Gotham showrunner Bruno Heller finally spills the beans on what we can expect from the Batman prequel series. He says that they have the entire serialized story mapped out from start to finish, and hints that some inspiration may be taken from the likes of Alan Moore's The Killing Joke and Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. As for which classic Batman characters we'll see, Heller name checks a few while also suggesting that there will be certain characters that might become different ones as the show progresses. Here are his quotes on that in full.


"Obviously, the Penguin, Riddler, young Catwoman, Alfred. Possibly Harvey Dent. Poison Ivy. Um … and then there will be others, but I hate to — I’m so used to doing a police procedural, so I’m used to telling, “Next week he’s going to go there.” With this, it’s very much storytelling. So I would be remiss to tell you who will show up when. I will say we’re not going to skimp on giving people the characters they want and expect from Gotham. But when and how they’re going to show up is half the fun. Penguin is one of those guys that, as soon as you see him, you go, “Oh, that’s the Penguin.” It would be hard to disguise him as somebody else."

And what about Mr J.? He's in: "He’s the crown jewel of the Batman villains. He will be brought in with great care and a lot of thought." Heller says although they'll try to live up to Heath Ledger's iconic portrayal, it will be a "different character". When asked what part the young Bruce Wayne will play over the course of the series, Heller offers high praise indeed for the young actor playing him. "Well, I will say David Mazouz is, without doubt, the best actor ever to play the part of Bruce Wayne," he tells the site, before revealing that Mazouz's talent influenced him in giving Bruce a larger role in the story." He is a genuine prodigy of an actor, as you will see on screen. Frankly, before David was cast, I was ambivalent about how much we would use Bruce Wayne in the series." Finally Heller confirms that "whether metaphorically or literally", the story will conclude with Bruce Wayne donning the Batman cowl.

There's much more too, so be sure to click the link below to read the full interview.
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