Heath Ledger's Father On Denver Shootings: "We Can't Blame Heath Or The Character"

Heath Ledger's Father On Denver Shootings: "We Can't Blame Heath Or The Character"

After it came out that Gunman James Holmes supposedly modeled himself on the The Joker, the late Heath Ledger's father has released a statement urging people not to place any blame on the character, or his son..

After the events of the atrocity in Denver we heard from Christopher Nolan and most of the cast of The Dark Knight Rises, who offered their condolences to the victims and their families. Ever since it was revealed that James Holmes had -- allegedly -- modeled himself in some way on the Joker (apparently the evil moron dyed his hair and beard RED as a homage) from The Dark Knight, there have been those with the gall to try to place some of the blame or responsibility at the feet of the fictitious character, and more appallingly, the late Heath Ledger who played him so memorably in the movie. Obviously Ledger can't speak out to defend himself, but his father Kim can..

“It's terrible - the whole circumstances. It's diabolical. I am appalled. The guy's obviously a nut case. He has obviously lost it.

I think what America should be doing is restricting the availability of ammunition or revisiting their gun laws - that's what they should be doing.

We can't blame Heath or the character. It's fictitious. I don't know what this does to the character. I think that's the least of my worries.”

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