Holy Tagging!

Holy Tagging!

Recently, my home city of Bristol in the South-West of the United Kingdom, had a graffiti street party in the city centre on the now famous Nelson Street...

...and I thought I would share one of the pieces in particular with you guys.

The actual street party was amazing, and some of the art work is fantastic. Basically, Nelson Street, in the middle of Bristol City Centre, is having all the 1960's grey, glum buildings bulldozed to be replaced by nice new shiny buildings.

Bristol City Council agreed graffiti artists could come and decorate the street,and it will remain for a few years until the area is demolished. I have to admit, looking out the window of my office (which is one of the grey, depressing buildings I previously mentioned) the view is now excellent. Being a massive fan of good graffiti and skateboarding shennanigns in general, I thought some of you guys might be also.

Bristol is famed for its 'liberal' attitude and our graffiti, proudly being the home Banksy heralds from.

Hope you enjoy.

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