Is Josh Brolin Now Unlikely For Batman In SUPERMAN/BATMAN; A New Name Rises For The Role Of Batman

Is Josh Brolin Now Unlikely For Batman In SUPERMAN/BATMAN; A New Name Rises For The Role Of Batman

With Josh Brolin (Jonah Hex) rumored to be the frontrunner for Batman in Superman/Batman, does that mean he would even do it? Seems it may be unlikely after you hear this. Also if Brolin is out, who is the new name to the list for Batman? Click to find out.

With the announcement of the Superman/Batman movie coming in 2015 from a couple of weeks ago at Comic-Con, many have wondered who will be the next Batman? Many fans had hoped that the rebooted Batman would be a younger Batman that is earlier his career but instead it seems like we may get a more experienced and older Batman. A list of actors who are rumored to play Batman has been revealed. The list included Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, and many others. It is said that Josh Brolin is currently the front runner but it doesn't seem like he will do it. Here is what they say about Josh:

From what I am hearing the frontrunner. Hot choice. If a nasty, edgy, Frank Milleresque bone breaking Batman is what Zack is looking for, well then this is the guy. The only thing that makes me think he won’t do it is because he went through a nasty divorce this year with Superman’s mom Diane Lane. Yes, I know they won’t have scenes together but there is a thing in pre-production called a table read with the whole cast which could be quite awkward. That and junket/premiere appearances can be awkward as well. I can be totally wrong but who knows.

So even though Josh Brolin is becoming a big fan favorite out of the list of actors who WB's is looking at, he may not do it due to his recent divorce to Ma Kent, Diane Lane. Since it's reported Diane Lane will be back as Ma Kent, it will be kind of awkward for Brolin to be in a film with his ex-wife. Personally Brolin is my pick for Batman out of that list of actors for the role but I can understand him not doing it.

So since Josh Brolin maybe out, who's in? Well the Latino Review is suggesting that Gerald Butler (300) is on the list to be the next to receive the cape and cowl:

Yes, the Spartan King. He’s another dope actor who got the height, presence, acting chops, and is a winstrol cycle away from being a physically imposing macho Batman. The only negative is his accent which my twitter followers have been giving me shit over. Remember though, Butler already worked with Zack in 300 and is coming off a hit Olympus Has Fallen, the movie that murdered White House Down.

So with Brolin may be out, we now have Gerald Butler added to the list. So what are your thoughts on this? Comment below. Peace and remember...
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