Is this the FIRST TRAILER for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises?

Is this the FIRST TRAILER for <em>Batman: The Dark Knight Rises?</em>

UPDATED: With more info on the origin of this trailer! Here is the first teaser you will see of the next Batman movie--supposedly shown in select "test" theaters.

The captions read... The Storm... is coming... to GOTHAM!

UPDATE: Hey CBMer's, Galactus here. I just wanted to pipe in and give you guys a little more information on how we came by this trailer. And yes, it was sent to us first and "others" picked it up without giving us credit. Here's the poop. Last night an Italian CBMer emailed us saying that he had seen Green Lantern (in Italy?) and this trailer was in the previews. And, that his buddy was going that night and he would try to capture it and post it. This they did, as you can see. While we have no way of knowing for sure if it is totally legit, the production quality as well as the clear audience reaction to it made us feel that it was something you'd want to see--AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF BY USING THE CONFIRM OR DEBUNK VOTING SYSTEM WE DISPLAY AT THE BOTTOM OF EVERY ARTICLE DESIGNATED A "SCOOP". Even though the contributor's headline and teaser originally stated that this is the real thing, please note, that we put question marks in our top story and did not come out and announce that this was a confirmed trailer. The fact that WB hasn't immediately called us to remove it is some evidence that this may indeed be a fake. But if it is, you have to admit, its a well-done one. While /FILM and others are quick to dismiss this as a fake, it is also quite possibly a "test teaser" done out of country to gauge audience reaction. This is known to be done as well. So again, it is up to you whether to believe it or not. Only time will tell. When and if, it is a confirmed fake, we will report that as well.
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