Isn't it time for Batman to be a REAL Dark Knight?

Isn't it time for Batman to be a REAL Dark Knight?

People keep debating back and forth, who played Batman the best onscreen, and which movie version seemed to be better. But, in reality, none has gone the full depth and darkness of Miller's Dark Knight.

Picture, if you will, Batman, older. Bruce Wayne, still handsome, but definitely an older man, but still having the fire in his belly to reach out and do what HAS to be done, when it has to be done!!

Miller's comic book sets a perfect dark map. As a fan of comics to movies, and seeing for the first time in my life, real films being made from the books with passion, and respect to the heroes in them, I just stopped and thought: Keaton is old enough now to play Bruce Wayne as an older man correctly!! Michelle even looks still good for Selena.

One of my biggest gripes has always been the James Bond movies. I mean, I wish Sean Connery would have played Bond in ALL of them, and we would have seen him grow old as Bond. They don't even attempt to explain all the different actors (except in the spoof with Peter Sellers and David Niven, where once a Bond gets to a certain age, he retires and a younger guy takes the 007 number and the Bond name).

At least that's a link.

There's certain books I re-read, almost religiously, just for the mind thrill once again. The art and words assaulting my brain, and the pull on my geeky thrill nerves. From the original Crow series, to Miller's Dark Knight, to Sandman and the reorg of Avengers after their destruction and fall... some books just stick with me.

To see Miller's Dark Knight up on screen.... with a female Robin.. and him fighting Superman, with Keaton playing him once more, well...

I just think it would be just about as cool as one could get in a offering for fans of hard hitting comics. And Keaton has shown he can really do edgy, serious roles.

Does anyone else think this is a good idea? I was just wondering.

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