JOKER's Plot May Have LEAKED Online And It Sounds Like A Seriously Weird DC Movie - SPOILERS

JOKER's Plot May Have <font color=red>LEAKED</font> Online And It Sounds Like A Seriously Weird DC Movie - <font color=red>SPOILERS</font>

Following a number of test screenings, details about Joker have reportedly found their way online, and we have some major spoilers about what's to come in the bizarre sounding origin story for the villain.

Shazam! opened to positive reviews earlier this year, and while it didn't make the biggest of impacts at the box office, it helped keep the DC Extended Universe on the right path established by Aquaman's $1 billion success. Next up for Warner Bros., though, is a very different type of DC Comics adaptation; the standalone Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix. 

Now, a reliable source who has shared accurate details about a number of movies and TV shows in the past claims to have some intel from test screenings for the movie that finally reveal what we can expect from the Clown Prince of Crime's origin story. 

There are major spoilers here, including some big twists and turns and even how things play out in the final act (those particular details come from a different source, but one that lines up with what we've heard from this reputable sounding leak). Needless to say, this could be controversial! 

So, to check out these Joker details, simply click on the "View List" button down below.



It's said that Joker takes place in Gotham City in 1981, and the iconic DC Comics location is at its lowest point with a crime wave and garbage strike leaving it dirtier and more dangerous than ever.

Arthur Fleck is just a nobody who works as a clown for a talent booking agency and he has a social worker keeping a close eye on him because he has some serious mental health issues. Those include an uncontrollable habit of laughing whenever he's nervous, something which doesn't help with his desire to become a stand-up comic. 

He's also a caretaker for his mother, a former housekeeper for the Wayne family...

Thomas Wayne's Mission


As expected, Thomas Wayne is running to become the new Mayor of Gotham City, and he promises to clean up the city (both literally and figuratively). He's a good man but has been ignoring his former employee, as Fleck's mother has spent months trying to contact him to no avail. 

She's as deranged as her son, though, so it's hardly a surprise that he's not reading her correspondence. 

Arthur's Downfall


Fleck ends up losing his job and that appears to be the final nail in the coffin for his fractured psyche. After being mocked on the subway, he violently kills three Wall Street guys who are also harassing a young woman and these murders inspire a "Resist" movement against Gotham's wealthy elite. 

With Thomas Wayne viewed as the "voice of the rich," the poor start turning on him. While this is happening, Arthur tries his hand at stand-up during an open mic night at a local comedy club. His set completely bombs, and footage of his performance ends up being sent to Live With Murray Franklin. The TV show host, played by Robert De Niro, wastes no time in ridiculing poor Arthur. 

The Big Reveal


The cops are investigating Arthur for his involvement in those murder,s but he's busy reading one of his deranged mother's letters to Thomas Wayne and stumbles across a pretty major revelation. 

She claims that Arthur is the illegitimate son of Thomas Wayne and that makes Joker the half-brother of Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman, a twist which has been rumoured ever since last year.

That's it from Splash Report but we've done some digging and found several other leaks online which line up with this one. However, major spoilers (including how Joker ends) now follow...

...Or Not!


Arthur later learns that while his mother was obsessed with Thomas, they never actually slept together and he's not his son after all. However, she was aware that her boyfriend (and presumably his real father) was sexually abusing Arthur when he was a young child, so he heads to Arkham Asylum and kills her.

At this point, he's invited on to Live With Murray Franklin but fully embraces his new persona as The Joker while all of this is happening, and he murders several people who have wronged him. 

Zazie Beetz's character isn't among them, despite the fact that his feelings for her were extremely one-sided and past leaks have claimed that he kills her after being rejected earlier in the movie. 



The Joker appears on that talk show but shoots Franklin in the head on air and proceeds to deliver a speech that riles up Gotham City's citizens and encourages them to rise up against the wealthy.

A riot breaks out, and it's during this that Thomas and Martha Wayne end up being gunned down (thereby providing a very different twist on the Clown Prince of Crime's origin story). The police chase Arthur down and finally catch and arrest him after he's hit by a passing taxi. The movie then ends with him in Arkham Asylum, and he's so out of his mind by this point, he dances around his cell. 

Apparently, that's a recurring theme in the movie and while this scene is set to Frank Sinatra's "That's Life," the sequence of him dancing down those steps is to Elton John's "Benny And The Jets."

Not That Much Joker


Other details revealed include the fact that Joker is a hard R and only features Fleck in costume for around the last 30 minutes. Splash Report goes so far as to say that, "I am guaranteeing an Oscar nomination for Joaquin Phoenix. His Arthur Fleck is incredible. For a while, I thought his Johnny Cash would be his signature performance.  I think we’ll be proven wrong in 5 months."

They add that, "Robert De Niro has a very juicy role, and he could potentially be in the conversation come award season." Whether fans will embrace the film in the same way is hard to say, especially as it takes so many liberties with the source material based on this intel. 
This plot leak differs somewhat to the one that found its way online last year, but there are definite similarities and it's possible that reshoots have changed the structure of the film to remove some of the controversial elements such as Thomas actually being Arthur's father. There's lots to discuss here regardless, and while it sounds like a good movie, will it be a good comic book movie?

Continue reading below for a recap of the biggest reveals from Joker's set photos!

Meet Arthur Fleck

Image result for arthur fleck

Our first look at Joaquin Phoenix's "Arthur Fleck" came via Joker director Todd Phillips but it took no time at all for set photos to surface featuring a maniacal looking Arthur having a good laugh on Amusement Mile.

Arthur could be seen leaving "Ha Ha's" talent agency looking miserable as sin before being confronted by a guy dressed as a clown, cracking a joke, and then giving his nose a good squeeze. Perhaps Arthur feels at this point in time that comedians like that are beneath him but little does he know what's in store for him moving forward...


The Joker Is Revealed

The test video featuring Phoenix decked out in his Joker makeup which was shared by Phillips generated an awful lot of discussion but our best look at the Clown Prince of Crime came courtesy of some revealing set photos.

In those, we saw what will presumably be the villain's final look as he could be seen with green hair, a colourful suit, and smeared makeup which definitely gives him a menacing vibe. It appeared as if he had incited some sort of riot on the subway and in a video which was also shared at the time, we saw protesters attacking Thomas Wayne in the background. 


"The Losers' Club"

Bryan Callen's male stripper was also spotted on set fairly early on and it appears as if he belongs to the same talent agency as Arthur and that overweight clown we mentioned at the start of this post. Presumably, they're all looking for their big break in Gotham City and it should be interesting seeing what role, if any, these apparent "friends" of Arthur's have on his journey.

Arthur's Obsession

We don't know much about Zazie Beetz's Sophie Dumont beyond the fact that she lives in the same apartment building as Arthur and is the object of his affections. In these intriguing photos, he could seemingly be seen stalking Sophie through Gotham and she's definitely not her normal glam self.

Thomas Wayne Is Running For Mayor

Recent casting additions have revealed that Bruce Wayne does indeed exist in this world and that Alfred Pennyworth will also be making an appearance. That probably means no Batman but Thomas is clearly a busy man at this point in time because photos have confirmed that he's running for mayor!

That goes some way in explaining how The Joker has so much support from Gotham City's citizens as the last thing the disenfranchised probably want is a billionaire running things. 


Stalking Turns To Love?

Despite the fact that it appears as if Arthur is stalking Sophie at one point in the movie, later images showed the two of them catching up in a diner...before he breaks into a maniacal laugh!

Does that mean she eventually falls for Arthur only for something to happen to her which pushes the already unhinged Arthur over the edge? That certainly seems like one fairly likely possibility.


The Joker May Be The Movie's Hero

While The Joker has his fair share of followers in the comics, they're normally Arkham Asylum escapees. In this movie, however, it appears as if those who aren't in the 1% will rally behind the Clown Prince of Crime and many extras have been seen holding up signs saying they want him to become mayor. Could it be that he'll eventually run against Thomas Wayne? That would be...weird!

He's Also A Happy Clown

If you're wondering where Arthur gets the idea to become a clown, it seemingly stems from him being forced to degrade himself by dressing up as a clown and holding one of those signs on the street pointing people to deals they can find in nearby stores.

That presumably comes as a result of his stand-up career being a complete failure and the make-up he's wearing resembles what we later see him in as does the green wig so this is definitely the prototype "Joker" before he transforms into a full-blown baddie.


The Batmobile May Make An Appearance

This is far from confirmed but one fan claims to have spotted the Batmobile on the set of the movie and it was almost identical to the version the Caped Crusader drove in the 1960s TV series.

Seeing as Phoenix's Joker is also heavily inspired by Caesar Romero's, it would make sense for Batman to have that version of his car in this movie but it's just as likely that this was for a random event nearby and isn't associated with the movie in any way. Still, the prospect of Batman appearing in some form is definitely intriguing, especially now we know Bruce Wayne will show up. 


A First Look At Thomas Wayne

There's been a lot of speculation that Arthur will be outed as the illegitimate son of Thomas Wayne and these photos definitely pointed to him trying to get the billionaire's attention as Phoenix was spotted trying to chase him down before tumbling to the floor. We know his mother may be connected to Thomas in some way so perhaps he's acting on her behalf during this embarrassing fall.

A Potentially Major Spoiler

In one of the biggest spoilers we've seen to date, The Joker was seen being hauled away in the back of a police cruiser while laughing like a maniac. In all honesty, this could be something which happens at the halfway point but it's hard not to wonder if these shots could ultimately be from the final act as the cops finally catch up to Gotham City's new Clown Prince of Crime. 

We'll have to wait and see but I don't think the plot will be as simple as The Joker being arrested and being made to pay for his crimes! My guess is he's the one who kills Thomas and Martha...


The Joker Goes On The Run

Shooting is currently taking place so we'll update this post accordingly and the latest round of images have shown Phoenix's villain being chased down by Shea Whigham and Bill Camp's cops. 

His make-up is pretty much flawless at this point in time so it's highly likely that we're seeing Arthur shortly after he first transforms into the Clown Prince of Crime and starts causing chaos...

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