Shocking JOKER Story Details Revealed Along With The Clown Prince Of Crime's REAL NAME - SPOILERS

Shocking JOKER Story Details Revealed Along With The Clown Prince Of Crime's REAL NAME - <font color=red>SPOILERS</font>

As Warner Bros. gears up to start shooting Joker in September, more details about the movie continue surfacing and the latest reveal this iteration of the villain's true name along with some story details!

Todd Phillips' Joker is rapidly coming together and while many fans remain sceptical about an origin story for the Clown Prince of Crime which sounds like a huge departure from the comic books, there's no denying that the cast is pretty damn impressive. After all, we have Joaquin Phoenix as the lead villain and it was only last night that we learned Deadpool 2 breakout Zazie Beetz is now in talks. 

Now, That Hashtag Show has revealed that Phoenix's Joker will start the movie as Arthur Fleck. Yes, the iconic Batman villain has been given a name, something not even the comic books have done over the years. Apparently, it's thought that Fleck returns home to live with his aging mother Penny before meeting Sophie Dumond, the single mother and love interest who will be played by Beetz.

Here's where things get really shocking, though. The site reveals that Fleck's mother was "very attractive in her youth" and that she's "obsessed with her former employer." The site speculates that could be Thomas Wayne, someone described as being in his 60s and seen as "cheesy, tanned, and rich-looking" by The Joker. They then theorise that Fleck could be Wayne's bastard son, making the villain Bruce Wayne/Batman's half-brother, a unique twist on the bizarre relationship these two have. 

Bear in mind that nothing is confirmed as of right now and this is just a theory based on character details the site has shared. In another interesting reveal, it's said that if Robert DeNiro is in the movie, he'll be playing late night TV host Murray Franklin. What he'll add to proceedings remains to be seen.
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