Kallark Kent Reports: Zack Snyder's Batman, influences and thoughts.

Kallark Kent Reports:  Zack Snyder's Batman, influences and thoughts.

In this editorial I discuss the possible influences and my thoughts the Batman suit designed for Sack Snyder's "Batman vs Superman."

We all have been waiting for this moment since the tentatively titled “Batman vs Superman” was announced last year and today Zack Snyder has officially released the first look at Ben Affleck wearing the new Batman, designed by Michael Wilkinson.


In my personal opinion this is the most comic book accurate interpretation yet, a total departure from the rubber suits seen in the 90’s movies and nowhere near as grounded as the bat armor seen in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy.


There are clear comic book influences at play here, which rings true to a lot of rumors that have been going around for months. So let’s go through some of the most evident:

Jim Lee’s Batman



 I think the first impression that I got from Snyder’s picture is that the cowl is influenced by Jim Lee’s take on Batman. The short earns on a Batman costume hasn't been attempted in live action since perhaps Adam West’s and it definitely brings a little bit of a fresh look to an already familiar face. You could also argue that some of the seam/line work of the costume is reminiscent of Lee's Batman from the New 52 design.

Frank Miller's Batman



This one should be more than given not only because it has been known for a while that Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns” is going to heavily influence “Batman vs Superman” but there are also a lot of the characteristics taken from his take on the Batman suit. The emblem is my main take from this interpretation, previously seen when the movie was announced, but this take can also be attributed for influenced the way the cowl looks since it also features the short ears.

Arkham’s Batman

Probably the best series Comic Book based video game ever produced and in my opinion it might have had 
some influence on the final look on Snyder’s Batman.  I think if you compared them both, they are pretty similar in texture and in the way Batman’s body is portrayed. Arkham’s Batman is probably the most physically imposing interpretation of the Caped crusader yet, outside of the comics of course, and when I look at the way the musculature is portrayed in Affleck’s costume it makes me reminiscent of the first 2 Arkham games costume.

Lee Bermejo’s Batman

 This one was rumored and it turned out it wasn’t very far off. This take on Batman was more utilitarian, somewhat grounded without going with an armor look. It also features a cowl with short ears and an emblem that cover most of the chest

My Personal Thoguhts:

I really like this interpretation, and one of the reasons is that once started looking at it I could clearly see what the artist were referencing when they were designing this. This suit is a treat to Batman fans and any comic book movie fans in general. I like the leathery texture of the cowl and the texture carries through to the cape, unlike the clothy cape in Nolan’s Batman. I like the overall texture of the suit, and the folds indicating it’s a suit and not some rubber sculpted armor. I like the scratches it as on the emblem, it gives that wear and tear look implying that he has been crime fighting for a while. I like the size of the logo, again, not afraid of going too comicbooky and unapologetically showing the Batman logo, something that has been missing for a while in Batman suits. I like the belt, a little bulky but again, loving the obvious comic book feel of this. And last but not least, I like how it also matches the organic style of the Superman suit form Man of steel.

After looking at this picture I’m left wanting more. I wonder what the full suit looks like; I wonder what colors they decided to go with, it looks like they might have gone black and grey but I’m curious to see if they decided to add a little blue instead, wishful thinking perhaps. It’s a very exciting time to be a comic book movie fan indeed.

What do you guys think? I am curious to know what your thoughts are, what influences did I miss? Did you like this new batman suit? Would you have liked they had gone in a more utilitarian/armored direction? What do you think the colors are going to be like? Leave your thoughts down below and thank you for reading.

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